Sunshine Theme 1st Birthday Party

I started planning my son’s 1st birthday party from the day he was born! I enjoy every single detail that goes into planning a party, and working at My Paper Shop is an added bonus. I have helped plan countless events for friends and family, so Jordan’s first birthday was going to be a big celebration. I incorporated a lot of yellow, blue, and white color tones to create a warm and festive party setting.

Birthday Boy

The birthday boy cheering on as we sang “Happy Birthday.”

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Feast of the Epiphany

The Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated in the catholic church on January 6. It’s traditionally the day commemorated as the day on which the three wise men visited baby Jesus.This religious holiday is regarded as part of the Christmas festivities and it is celebrated largely in the Latin culture.

Brioche of the Magi (King cake), with fruits c...

Brioche of the Magi (King cake), with fruits confits, from Toulon; this kind is kings’ cake is more common in the southeast than the northern-kind galette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parties are usually planned around 6th of January or the weekend closest to the actual day. The main entree is “King’s Cake,” a round cake decorated with fruits, and sweets for decorations. Some people keep the tradition of inserting a random baby doll, symbolizing baby Jesus, in the cake somewhere. Whoever “finds” or gets the doll in their slice of cake is required to throw a party for those present at the party.This day is also the day on which many children get their actual Christmas presents, as it is the same day on which Jesus received his gifts from the three magi. Children leave one of their shoes out the night before with hay and carrots, for their animals and the following morning they awake to find their gifts.The epiphany holiday is one celebrated with joy and much anticipation.So, gather around because the Christmas season isn’t over yet!

Serve the tasty treats (which, you can find at your local bakery right around this time) on our colorful plastic plates and plastic serving trays. :-)

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Ultimate Icing

I’m a baker.  Cooking?  Not so much.  But baking?  Absolutely.  Give me a mixer, some flour, eggs, a pastry bag and some time, and I’ll be in a euphoric state for days.  So, when I came across this recipe for an amazingly simple buttercream frosting, I doubted how great it could be.  I’m here to tell you, IT IS GREAT.  It has the silkiest texture and sheen I can create.  And, it lends itself well to flavorings to compliment any cake flavor.

This recipe below makes 3.5 cups of buttercream frosting.  It is easily doubled, tripled, quadrupled…you get the picture.  It handles tinting with ease, too!

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