How To Get Ready For Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a holiday focused on being grateful and appreciative of our family, friends, and blessings in our life. The day after Thanksgiving our country celebrates Black Friday, a “holiday” that glorifies shopping by the cartload and trampling over each other for the best deals. It’s a total oxymoron, but nevertheless it’s the reality. Now, on the upside, Black Friday is great for getting big items on your Christmas list at bargain deals and off your list well in advance. We’re not all in the position to be paying full price for anything so 40-60% off is a real load off our chest. To get the most out of the post-Thanksgiving sales this year, make sure to do your homework!

Autumn's Gift Thanksgiving Party Supplies

Autumn’s Gift Thanksgiving Party Supplies

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The Easter Bunny’s Coming!

Stock up now!  Easter is early this year - March 23rd.  No sooner do we have the New Year behind us as Easter is breathing down our necks.  Bunnies and eggs are showing up in window displays and shelves!

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