Creative Uses for Leftover Party Supplies


How many times have you cleaned up after a party, only to find that you still have a few unused paper cups, plates, and napkins left over? Maybe you even bought too many tablecloths, or didn’t use all your decorations. You hate to throw away such fun reminders of a good time, but what else can you do with them?

Plenty, as it turns out! Rather than tossing those leftover party supplies, why not recycle them into creative crafts? Whether you want to use up the last few construction-themed plates from your son’s 5th birthday party, or make the napkins from your bridal shower into a keepsake, we’ve put together a list of the best ways to use up those leftover supplies!

Leftover Party Supplies

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Fun DIY Outdoor Games That Will Entertain Your Kids This Summer

The summer will fly by when your children play these fun summer games!

It is no secret that summer is a favorite season for kids all over the country. No school, no homework— just long afternoons full of fun in the sun and play dates with their friends! However, once the excitement and the freedom from school has lost its freshness, it’s easy for kids to fall into a summer rut of playing video games and watching TV all day long.

However, why not break up the boredom and repetitiveness of long summer days by crafting up some fun backyard games with your kids? Not only do outdoor games get your children outside in the sun and away from the dull TV, but it also is a great chance for your entire family to bond and make summer memories. You can even set up these games at your next backyard BBQ or summer party as a way to entertain the kids while the adults chat it up!

Therefore, without further ado, here are our favorite outdoor summer games that you can craft up in your own backyard this season!

DIY Games

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6 Fresh Gift Ideas For Father’s Day - June 15th

When you were young, your dad was always there when you needed him. If your bike had a flat tire, or you needed advice about life’s problems, he always had wisdom to share or a shoulder to cry on. He’s a rock, the classic strong and silent type… which makes it hard to find a gift for him!

If you ask him what he wants, he’ll probably say he doesn’t want anything at all. If espionage won’t work (asking mom), you can always fall back on the tried-and-true tie. But this Father’s Day, instead of opting for the same-old, try out something new. Here are a few ways you can make your dad’s special day one to remember.

Father's Day

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Halloween Classroom Craft Ideas

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday -the whole season. Everything from art projects at school, to the Fall themed foods at restaurants, to brainstorming costume ideas, to actually getting ready and going trick or treating, is SUCH a blast! I think it’s so exciting when you’re a kid and even more exciting to share the fun of it all with either your young siblings or children. We can always relive our younger years through the children’s grins! Here are a few arts and crafts ideas to help jumpstart your celebrations — feel free to tweak them or make them your own, but please share what you changed: Continue reading

Back To School Picnic Party

I’m not a teacher, but I do enjoy tutoring children that struggle with reading or literary comprehension. I love to read and I cannot imagine a world where reading is not enjoyable because there may be an educational impediment. What is challenging is coming up with ways to make learning how to read fun and then of course, keeping the entertainment level raised. Because it’s “back to school season,” it’s a good idea to start (if you haven’t been doing so during the summer) playing reading games and activities. I challenge you to host a back to school picnic for your kids. Make sure to play the games, contests, and have small prizes at the end, of course! Continue reading

How To Host An Ocean Themed Party

Shark Week is almost exactly two months away. What are YOU doing to prepare?

OceanParty_v3I’m totally kidding. It’s not so serious that you need to host a party in honor of this television event. Although, you are welcome to do so. Continue reading

Budget Friendly Baby Shower Favor Tags - DIY

My childhood friend is expecting her first child early next year and we have been diligently working the past few weeks to plan her dream baby shower. She is a die-hard Little Mermaid fan and as our luck would have it, there are very few places that make Little Mermaid themed decorations. We have literally had to customize almost everything (except standard plastic table covers and napkins). I know customization always sounds like the budget will be through the roof, but I promise we made most of the décor ourselves and kept our expenses well below the budget. It’s plenty of work, but worth it.

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Butterflies and Spring

Spring is just around the corner. If you live in a part of the country where it snows, I’m sure you’re more than ready to see those flowers poke through those snow patches. Spring is just the time of year for rebirth in nature and the season always has a fresh feel to it.Before you know it, we’ll be smack dab in the middle of Spring and if anyone has a birthday coming up, now’s the time to start brainstorming theme ideas. I came across a picture that definitely makes a Butterfly themed birthday party extremely appealing. Little girls love pink, butterflies, wings, glitter and magical concepts.Create a fantasy world for a little girl to commemorate her special day. Make her the queen of the land and use decorations and accessories to create an unreal set up:

  1. Check out our Butterfly Birthday Party Supplies for all party item options
  2. Wrap plastic cutlery with Solid Colored Napkins and one birthday themed napkin as the “band”
  3. Set up party trays with appetizers and snacks - use additional guest napkins to create a display around each tray and/or centerpiece
  4. Favors: use pink party pails as base & decorate with tulle ribbon and plastic flowers or tiny butterflies
  5. Use tiny plastic crowns for the guests and a jeweled plastic crown to distinguish the guest of honor
  6. Use butterfly wing accessories to decorate random chairs at the table
  7. Tip: You can never have too many balloons

Salon Night

Birthdays are always a milestone. Next weekend, we’re celebrating the youngest girl’s birthday and it is the big 1-0! She’s so excited for this year’s extravaganza. We’ve decided to host a salon themed birthday party, makeovers included!

The simpler everything is planned, the easier it will be to set up on the big day. There will be three or four main “stations”—hair, make-up (mostly glitter and lip gloss), manicures and a glamour photo station. The main course, to be served on Glamour Plates, will consist of pizza and small appetizers like chips, vegetables & dip and of course, the cake and the ice cream!

There will be plenty of wonderful helpers at each station ready to pamper each “client” with the proper tools and treats. Goody Bags will consist of small candies, favors and a photo frame to be decorated after the photo shoot is complete.

It’s important to make a child’s birthday memorable, after all it is their special day. There’s no need to go crazy, but with some imagination, the day can be a magical one he/she will never forget.