5 Little-Known January Holidays

When you think of January, you think of fresh starts, new beginnings, parties, champagne, etc. It’s a busy month and it’s completely okay to overlook that January holidays are perhaps the oddest holidays. I picked five of these little-known January holidays to share because there is literally a wacky celebration to look forward to on each day of the month. Some of them have got to be made up, but we’ll roll with it for the sake of starting the year off with laughs and a lighthearted approach to 2014. By the way, what are some of your New Year’s resolutions this year? We’d love to hear the challenges you have set for yourselves this coming year.


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How To Make Christmas Birthdays Special

I’m not a Christmas baby, but I have a sister, a nephew, friends and a cousin who have birthdays the day before and the days after. They’re not crazy about their birthdate and with good reason.It’s important to make Christmas birthdays special, especially if they are for friends and family!  It’s commonly heard that if your birthday lands on any of these critical days, then more than likely a.) you’ll get one gift that counts for Christmas and your birthday, b.) you’ll get a birthday gift wrapped in Christmas paper, c.) your friends are busy spending the holidays with family, d.) your family temporarily forgets it’s your birthday, and the list goes on. Just as we get one day of the year that’s all about us, they deserve one as well.

birthday cake

birthday cake (Photo credit: freakgirl)

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How To Get Ready For Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a holiday focused on being grateful and appreciative of our family, friends, and blessings in our life. The day after Thanksgiving our country celebrates Black Friday, a “holiday” that glorifies shopping by the cartload and trampling over each other for the best deals. It’s a total oxymoron, but nevertheless it’s the reality. Now, on the upside, Black Friday is great for getting big items on your Christmas list at bargain deals and off your list well in advance. We’re not all in the position to be paying full price for anything so 40-60% off is a real load off our chest. To get the most out of the post-Thanksgiving sales this year, make sure to do your homework!

Autumn's Gift Thanksgiving Party Supplies

Autumn’s Gift Thanksgiving Party Supplies

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Feast of the Epiphany

The Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated in the catholic church on January 6. It’s traditionally the day commemorated as the day on which the three wise men visited baby Jesus.This religious holiday is regarded as part of the Christmas festivities and it is celebrated largely in the Latin culture.

Brioche of the Magi (King cake), with fruits c...

Brioche of the Magi (King cake), with fruits confits, from Toulon; this kind is kings’ cake is more common in the southeast than the northern-kind galette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parties are usually planned around 6th of January or the weekend closest to the actual day. The main entree is “King’s Cake,” a round cake decorated with fruits, and sweets for decorations. Some people keep the tradition of inserting a random baby doll, symbolizing baby Jesus, in the cake somewhere. Whoever “finds” or gets the doll in their slice of cake is required to throw a party for those present at the party.This day is also the day on which many children get their actual Christmas presents, as it is the same day on which Jesus received his gifts from the three magi. Children leave one of their shoes out the night before with hay and carrots, for their animals and the following morning they awake to find their gifts.The epiphany holiday is one celebrated with joy and much anticipation.So, gather around because the Christmas season isn’t over yet!

Serve the tasty treats (which, you can find at your local bakery right around this time) on our colorful plastic plates and plastic serving trays. :-)

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Food/Toy Drive – Tis’ The Season

The Christmas season is about giving and helping one another, and more specifically the less fortunate. Although Thanksgiving was almost a month ago, it’s important that we be grateful for all of our blessings, every day.

This year, grab a few close friends or acquaintances from your local church and organize a toy or food drive for the needy. I remember my father’s union organized an amazing toy drive every year and the daughters of the board members always dressed up like elves to make the event more memorable for the children. A small gift could make one child’s entire holiday season and a can of food you may never even eat could make or break another family’s Christmas dinner.

Make the event memorable, although I’m sure the looks on the children’s faces will be more than enough of a memory. Pin each of your helps with a special “Helper” Button and bask in the joy of giving.

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Turn Table Covers into Decorations

This past weekend, we hosted the Salon themed birthday party for the 10 year old. Needless to say, the soiree was a success and girls’ night was a blast. Morning decorating, I will admit, was definitely hectic and busy. Friends and family were gracious enough to come over to help decorate and get all the salon stations ready for the festivities.

As my cousin and sister were setting up the main table, they decided to experiment with the two colors selected for the plastic table covers. We had extras so they thought it would be fun to make the most of our supplies. They placed the darker color, in this case purple, on the bottom and they placed the lighter color, pink, on top. Then, they folded both of the long sides in, sketched half hearts and cut them out. Once the sides were unfolded, whole hearts appeared and the darker color showed up, making it look like purple hearts along each side of the table. The outcome was adorable!

The guests all thought the table covers with the heart cutouts were store bought! The key is to work with what you’ve got. In this case, our table covers added supreme decoration to the table setting!

Dinner Party Planning – a Day By Day Countdown

Whether you are planning a feast for 50 over the Christmas holiday or an intimate gathering of 6 for Valentine’s Day, creating a time line to get everything done is a wonderful, stress-free way to prepare for the event.  Here is a wonderfully simple and straightforward time line to get everything lined out and ready for your event in a week.

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Last-Minute Holiday Entertaining Tips

The holiday season is in full swing, and many people are spending their time entertaining friends and family.  Here are a few hints and tips to put a little extra zip in your own entertaining venue!

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The Traditional Church Pot Luck

Our church is having their annual Palm Sunday pot luck luncheon this Sunday.  Pot lucks are a long-standing tradition in many churches.  Members are asked to bring a dish to share with others at the luncheon.  Sometimes, churches become quite specific in their requests: last names ending in A-L bring a salad, M-S bring a vegetable, and T-Z furnish dessert.  Then there are churches like ours that enjoy the thrill of what comes through the door, even if you do run the risk of having all chocolate cake (not a bad thing, either).

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Holiday Cutouts - Quick and Fun Decorations!

Looking for a quick and inexpensive way to cover a lot of space and create a festive atmosphere?  Try holiday cutouts for your decorating needs.  They are available for just about every occasion you can think of: Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Graduation, Fourth of July, HalloweenThanksgiving, New Year’s and Christmas.  Cutouts are simple to store, easy to use, and can be kept year after year. Continue reading