Sunshine Theme 1st Birthday Party

I started planning my son’s 1st birthday party from the day he was born! I enjoy every single detail that goes into planning a party, and working at My Paper Shop is an added bonus. I have helped plan countless events for friends and family, so Jordan’s first birthday was going to be a big celebration. I incorporated a lot of yellow, blue, and white color tones to create a warm and festive party setting.

Birthday Boy

The birthday boy cheering on as we sang “Happy Birthday.”

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Halloween Classroom Craft Ideas

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday -the whole season. Everything from art projects at school, to the Fall themed foods at restaurants, to brainstorming costume ideas, to actually getting ready and going trick or treating, is SUCH a blast! I think it’s so exciting when you’re a kid and even more exciting to share the fun of it all with either your young siblings or children. We can always relive our younger years through the children’s grins! Here are a few arts and crafts ideas to help jumpstart your celebrations — feel free to tweak them or make them your own, but please share what you changed: Continue reading

Balloon Eyeballs

Spider webs may be the classic Halloween decoration for festive classrooms and makeshift haunted houses, but I believe we can add some pizzazz to the ordinary this year. Balloon eyeballs might sound like a challenge, but delightfully enough, they’re not!

Also, please note: this small arts & crafts project will definitely keep the little ones quiet for at least 45 minutes (depending on efficiency :-0 ).

Your tools:

1.    Latex party balloons (preferably white/cream colored)

2.    Construction paper (in basic eye colors: blue, green, brown, black, etc.)

3.    Double-sided tape

4.    Glue stick (optional)

5.    Red permanent marker

Depending on the children’s ages, you can either outline them small circles on black paper (pupils) and larger circles in the brighter colors. Then, glue/tape the pupils inside the larger circles. Using the double sided tape, attach the construction paper to the white balloon and add eyeball veins with the red marker.

Go crazy, kiddos.