Host a Garden-Themed Party This Summer!


One of the very best things about summertime is all the fresh produce available. Grocery stores are suddenly overflowing with piles of delectable-looking fruit, farmer’s markets attract crowds of shoppers hungry for seasonal, locally grown veggies, and “pick-your-own-produce” farm visits are in full swing, with more treats ripening every day.

If you have a backyard garden, you’re probably harvesting your own fresh fruits and veggies, as well, and enjoying that unbeatable homegrown flavor. But even if you don’t have a garden, why not celebrate this season of fresh fruits and veggies with a garden-themed party?

Garden Party

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Creative Uses for Leftover Party Supplies


How many times have you cleaned up after a party, only to find that you still have a few unused paper cups, plates, and napkins left over? Maybe you even bought too many tablecloths, or didn’t use all your decorations. You hate to throw away such fun reminders of a good time, but what else can you do with them?

Plenty, as it turns out! Rather than tossing those leftover party supplies, why not recycle them into creative crafts? Whether you want to use up the last few construction-themed plates from your son’s 5th birthday party, or make the napkins from your bridal shower into a keepsake, we’ve put together a list of the best ways to use up those leftover supplies!

Leftover Party Supplies

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Saving Holiday Memories

I’m one of those scrapbooking freaks.  Yes, I will call myself that.  I’m obsessed with stickers, die cuts, paper, adhesive, and of course, photos with my boys in them.  It is not a normal past-time for me.  I am drawn to the specialty stores, the racks of clearance items and the crops my friends all lure me into.  I’ll spend hours obsessing over a single page, and at other times I’ll knock out an entire album in an afternoon.  When I take a picture, I always wonder if it is one I will put in a scrapbook or not.  Yes, I’m a scrapbooking freak. Continue reading