5 Essentials for Your Next Party

What You Need to Have to Make Your Party a Success

Throwing a great party usually takes a little work. While plenty of great parties are thrown together at the last minute, that really isn’t an option in many cases. Maybe it’s a birthday, a graduation party, or even just a get together with friends. Whatever the case, no one wants to throw a party that has people suddenly remembering dentist appointments. You need the right group of people, atmosphere, and a game plan for putting it all together. We can help. Keep these party essentials in mind and you can be sure your bash will be a success.

 Party Planning

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Zebra Print Bridal Shower Party

Animal prints are still popular themes for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. I wanted to share some adorable pictures from a zebra print bridal shower that took place a couple weekends ago. One of our girls planned and decorated for the party. It was a success to say the least. I think she has a happy bride on her hands so far, which is great. We don’t want any bridezillas on the loose!

Zebra Print Dessert Table

Zebra Print Dessert Table. - Silver Foil Curtains, Black Plastic Table Skirts & Black Plastic Serving Trays were all used to put this look together.

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How To Host An Ocean Themed Party

Shark Week is almost exactly two months away. What are YOU doing to prepare?

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Budget Friendly Baby Shower Favor Tags - DIY

My childhood friend is expecting her first child early next year and we have been diligently working the past few weeks to plan her dream baby shower. She is a die-hard Little Mermaid fan and as our luck would have it, there are very few places that make Little Mermaid themed decorations. We have literally had to customize almost everything (except standard plastic table covers and napkins). I know customization always sounds like the budget will be through the roof, but I promise we made most of the décor ourselves and kept our expenses well below the budget. It’s plenty of work, but worth it.

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How To Make Low Budget Wedding Favors

Wedding planning only becomes more and more stressful as the event nears. Not only is the deadline fast approaching, but the wedding budget has to be kept in mind the whole time. Many times, brides will obsess over the wedding favors that most guests will either forget at the table, hide away in a display case, or throw away after whatever amount of time they have established is decent. So, seriously. Don’t sweat it and go with chocolate or candy, your guests will appreciate the sweet treat at the end of the night. Continue reading

Lifesavers on the Go!

Moms’ purses could very well be clones of Mary Poppins’ magic carpet bag in the Disney film. The things that come out of those things are astonishing. As a child, I remember my mother always pulling out the most random things (don’t get me wrong, they were useful): aspirin bottles, first aid kits, Chap stick in almost every flavor, baby wipes, tissue. Needless to say, my mother’s purse was everyone’s lifesaver.

In an effort to send a bit of “Mom” to school with your kids, grab some Swankie® pocket tissues and throw them in their backpacks. These tissues are handy musts to have in the car (for the occasional spill or runny nose) and adorable Printed Swankie® Hankies make fun party favors!

Spring Book Talk – Mother Daughter Edition

Who says books are a solitary enjoyment?  Group reading is a wonderful way to forge friendships, build relationships and connections, and explore literature you may or may not otherwise attempt to read.  This love of reading and sharing can be easily shared with younger readers in a Mother-Daughter Book party.

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Getting Ready For a Graduation Party

Once the date and theme have been set and a budget has been created, it is time to put plans into action.  Create a time line of activities that will need to be completed prior to the Big Day.  Use as much detail as possible so as not to leave out important details, and allow some “fudge room” for days when plans simply don’t go as they should. Continue reading