How To Make Orange Halloween Pancakes

Okay I’m obsessed with carrot cake and carrot cupcakes and carrot everything probably. I came across a recipe for Halloween Carrot Pancakes in my Cooking Light magazine last week and I could not wait until I had a spare minute to make some for breakfast. Turns out, Halloween pancakes are perfect to start off your holiday! I really cannot recommend these enough to anyone wanting a celebrate their holiday from the very beginning…and I’m not even a breakfast-lover!

Halloween Pancakes

Halloween Carrot Pancakes with Honey Butter

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How To Host A Basketball Themed Party

March Madness is scheduled to start in a little over a week and the craze is almost tangible. There are 67 games that make up the tournament and that’s, if you’re an extreme fanatic, 67 opportunities for cook outs and fun get-togethers! I would definitely recommend taking turns with friends when it comes to hosting duties because party expenses can get out of control quick!



Pictured: Basketball Themed Party Supplies, University of Louisville Beverage Napkins, and Basketball themed koozies.
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Cookie Exchange Party Made Easy

The holidays always inspire us to eat our weight in delicious foods, delicacies and dessert-bring on the dessert! The nearest holiday would be Valentine’s Day so we’ll take that theme, but keep in mind that a Cookie Exchange Party could be tailored to fit any holiday. You don’t necessarily need a significant other in order to celebrate Valeninte’s Day, so long as you celebrate your loved ones. Continue reading

Thanksgiving – What To Do With The Leftover Turkey!

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving and Christmas is the leftover turkey.  While I am not a big turkey-eater to begin with, turkey leftovers are an entirely different story.  Here are a few of my favorite recipes to use with the leftover holiday trimmings.

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