Fun DIY Outdoor Games That Will Entertain Your Kids This Summer

The summer will fly by when your children play these fun summer games!

It is no secret that summer is a favorite season for kids all over the country. No school, no homework— just long afternoons full of fun in the sun and play dates with their friends! However, once the excitement and the freedom from school has lost its freshness, it’s easy for kids to fall into a summer rut of playing video games and watching TV all day long.

However, why not break up the boredom and repetitiveness of long summer days by crafting up some fun backyard games with your kids? Not only do outdoor games get your children outside in the sun and away from the dull TV, but it also is a great chance for your entire family to bond and make summer memories. You can even set up these games at your next backyard BBQ or summer party as a way to entertain the kids while the adults chat it up!

Therefore, without further ado, here are our favorite outdoor summer games that you can craft up in your own backyard this season!

DIY Games

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5 Spooky Halloween Party Games

Finding activities to entertain teenagers almost requires psychic powers or a miracle perhaps. If you suggest one thing, they want to do the exact opposite. Mostly out of spite or worry that whatever you suggested just isn��t cool enough. Regardless, they come around sometimes if you convince enough of their friends to join in. If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, consider some of these spectacularly spooky party games that could 1.) crank up your ghoul, I mean cool, mom factor or 2.) actually get these tweens to participate and have a great time!


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Back To School Picnic Party

I’m not a teacher, but I do enjoy tutoring children that struggle with reading or literary comprehension. I love to read and I cannot imagine a world where reading is not enjoyable because there may be an educational impediment. What is challenging is coming up with ways to make learning how to read fun and then of course, keeping the entertainment level raised. Because it’s “back to school season,” it’s a good idea to start (if you haven’t been doing so during the summer) playing reading games and activities. I challenge you to host a back to school picnic for your kids. Make sure to play the games, contests, and have small prizes at the end, of course! Continue reading