Salon Night

Birthdays are always a milestone. Next weekend, we’re celebrating the youngest girl’s birthday and it is the big 1-0! She’s so excited for this year’s extravaganza. We’ve decided to host a salon themed birthday party, makeovers included!

The simpler everything is planned, the easier it will be to set up on the big day. There will be three or four main “stations”—hair, make-up (mostly glitter and lip gloss), manicures and a glamour photo station. The main course, to be served on Glamour Plates, will consist of pizza and small appetizers like chips, vegetables & dip and of course, the cake and the ice cream!

There will be plenty of wonderful helpers at each station ready to pamper each “client” with the proper tools and treats. Goody Bags will consist of small candies, favors and a photo frame to be decorated after the photo shoot is complete.

It’s important to make a child’s birthday memorable, after all it is their special day. There’s no need to go crazy, but with some imagination, the day can be a magical one he/she will never forget.