Zebra Print Bridal Shower Party

Animal prints are still popular themes for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. I wanted to share some adorable pictures from a zebra print bridal shower that took place a couple weekends ago. One of our girls planned and decorated for the party. It was a success to say the least. I think she has a happy bride on her hands so far, which is great. We don’t want any bridezillas on the loose!

Zebra Print Dessert Table

Zebra Print Dessert Table. - Silver Foil Curtains, Black Plastic Table Skirts & Black Plastic Serving Trays were all used to put this look together.

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How to Play Fun Classroom Games

Two of the most effective ways to learn have got to be either with games or via song. At the end of the day, everyone learns differently, but it’s so easy for things to get “stuck in your head” when something is catchy or fun. Just think of that summer jam with the tune so sticky that you can’t stop singing it no matter how much you annoy yourself. Apply this tactic with your students this year in the classroom. Middle school kids, for example, are in that awkward stage where they are going through adolescence and may not feel that great about themselves. Create some competition with classroom games to get their mind off things, and boost their motivation and self-esteem at the same time!

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Paper versus Plastic Plates - What’s Best For Your Party?

Selecting tableware for your party or event may seem like one of the easiest aspects of party planning, but we’ve had customers ask us the same question time after time: Do you recommend I use paper plates or plastic plates? To be quite honest, it comes down to personal preference, budget, and the type of event you are hosting. There are so many factors involved that it’s hard to answer such a general question without digging for more particular information. Continue reading

Paper Tablecloths – Check Them Out!

This past weekend, our church hosted a small community musical featuring several children from our congregation.  As part of the production, our church provided a small reception for the guests and actors with punch and cookies.  Rather than serving them on our standard church-ish folding tables, I brought up a couple of paper tablecloths that I had received from MyPaperShop.

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