Fun DIY Outdoor Games That Will Entertain Your Kids This Summer

The summer will fly by when your children play these fun summer games!

It is no secret that summer is a favorite season for kids all over the country. No school, no homework— just long afternoons full of fun in the sun and play dates with their friends! However, once the excitement and the freedom from school has lost its freshness, it’s easy for kids to fall into a summer rut of playing video games and watching TV all day long.

However, why not break up the boredom and repetitiveness of long summer days by crafting up some fun backyard games with your kids? Not only do outdoor games get your children outside in the sun and away from the dull TV, but it also is a great chance for your entire family to bond and make summer memories. You can even set up these games at your next backyard BBQ or summer party as a way to entertain the kids while the adults chat it up!

Therefore, without further ado, here are our favorite outdoor summer games that you can craft up in your own backyard this season!

DIY Games

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TMNT Halloween or Birthday Party Idea

Halloween parties are loads of fun for both kids and adults. Fact: You’re never too old to play dress up. I mean, there’s no law against running around town dressed in a costume on a daily basis, but if it’s for Halloween then let your creativity run wild. Do you remember The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (aka TMNT)? They became popular in the 90s and apparently have become the most current trend for  young boys. Just this past weekend I attended a TMNT themed birthday party and it dawned on me that it could just as well have been a fun Halloween party!

The TMNT logo of the 1987 animated series.

The TMNT logo of the 1987 animated series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Halloween Classroom Craft Ideas

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday -the whole season. Everything from art projects at school, to the Fall themed foods at restaurants, to brainstorming costume ideas, to actually getting ready and going trick or treating, is SUCH a blast! I think it’s so exciting when you’re a kid and even more exciting to share the fun of it all with either your young siblings or children. We can always relive our younger years through the children’s grins! Here are a few arts and crafts ideas to help jumpstart your celebrations — feel free to tweak them or make them your own, but please share what you changed: Continue reading

Paper versus Plastic Plates - What’s Best For Your Party?

Selecting tableware for your party or event may seem like one of the easiest aspects of party planning, but we’ve had customers ask us the same question time after time: Do you recommend I use paper plates or plastic plates? To be quite honest, it comes down to personal preference, budget, and the type of event you are hosting. There are so many factors involved that it’s hard to answer such a general question without digging for more particular information. Continue reading

Butterflies and Spring

Spring is just around the corner. If you live in a part of the country where it snows, I’m sure you’re more than ready to see those flowers poke through those snow patches. Spring is just the time of year for rebirth in nature and the season always has a fresh feel to it.Before you know it, we’ll be smack dab in the middle of Spring and if anyone has a birthday coming up, now’s the time to start brainstorming theme ideas. I came across a picture that definitely makes a Butterfly themed birthday party extremely appealing. Little girls love pink, butterflies, wings, glitter and magical concepts.Create a fantasy world for a little girl to commemorate her special day. Make her the queen of the land and use decorations and accessories to create an unreal set up:

  1. Check out our Butterfly Birthday Party Supplies for all party item options
  2. Wrap plastic cutlery with Solid Colored Napkins and one birthday themed napkin as the “band”
  3. Set up party trays with appetizers and snacks - use additional guest napkins to create a display around each tray and/or centerpiece
  4. Favors: use pink party pails as base & decorate with tulle ribbon and plastic flowers or tiny butterflies
  5. Use tiny plastic crowns for the guests and a jeweled plastic crown to distinguish the guest of honor
  6. Use butterfly wing accessories to decorate random chairs at the table
  7. Tip: You can never have too many balloons


Oktoberfest is a German festival, and the world’s largest fair, that dates back to approximately 1810. The crown prince and princess of Germany at the time held the celebration in honor of their marriage. The festival lasts 16 days when celebrated in Munich and is celebrated widely around the world.

English: The Oktoberfest in Munich from Ferris...

English: The Oktoberfest in Munich from Ferris wheel Deutsch: Münchner Oktoberfest vom Riesenrad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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An Alternative Idea For Plastic Tablecovers

Here’s a quick idea for using plastic tablecovers for something other than, well, tables!  We take a brightly colored one with us to the water park each time we go.  We use it to “claim” our space at the park (it has quite a few picnic tables), and we keep it on the table the entire time we are there.  At the end of the day, we simply pile all our wet things (toys, towels, shirts, etc) into the middle of the plastic tablecover, draw up the corners and carry all our wet stuff out of the park without getting any of the rest of our belongings wet!  Once we get to the car, the entire package is deposited in the trunk of our car, leaving the rest of the car dry.

This idea works great at the pool, the park, and even the beach!  Keep a few plastic tablecovers around…they are not just for covering tables!