Paper Tablecloths – Check Them Out!

This past weekend, our church hosted a small community musical featuring several children from our congregation.  As part of the production, our church provided a small reception for the guests and actors with punch and cookies.  Rather than serving them on our standard church-ish folding tables, I brought up a couple of paper tablecloths that I had received from MyPaperShop.

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Linen Like Tablecloths - The Perfect Alternative to The Real Thing!

Sometimes, only the best will do.  Perhaps it is a reception or a party.  Maybe the occasion is a special birthday or holiday.  Perhaps it is a retirement dinner or prom.  Maybe it is a church dinner.  Regardless of the occasion, there are times when a simple table cover just won’t do.  There are cost-effective ways to elegantly decorate a table without breaking the bank.

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The Traditional Church Pot Luck

Our church is having their annual Palm Sunday pot luck luncheon this Sunday.  Pot lucks are a long-standing tradition in many churches.  Members are asked to bring a dish to share with others at the luncheon.  Sometimes, churches become quite specific in their requests: last names ending in A-L bring a salad, M-S bring a vegetable, and T-Z furnish dessert.  Then there are churches like ours that enjoy the thrill of what comes through the door, even if you do run the risk of having all chocolate cake (not a bad thing, either).

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Holiday Decorating Ideas

My house was cleaned today. I mean CLEANED. Top to bottom, every room, all in one day. I treat myself once a year to someone “professional” coming in and cleaning my house. It is just too difficult for me to accomplish with little “helpers” around all the time. So, every year, right around Christmas, I have a friend, who also happens to clean houses, come in and clean away!

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Plastic Tablecloths Are A Plus With Little Ones!

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