How To Plan For Fall Dining

The first day of “fall” officially took place over the weekend. It couldn’t have felt further away from autumn, though. Was it the same for you? I think it’s just strange to see the leaves on the trees morphing into beautiful fall shades while the weather outside doesn’t match. It’s almost like watching a movie with delayed audio. Regardless, we must still decorate accordingly in order to be prepared for the new fall season. Curl up with the new season of your favorite show and brainstorm ideas for your dining room table. Continue reading

How To Customize Baptism Party Decorations

Christening, baptism, first communion and confirmation season is coming to an end. I wanted to share some decoration ideas for a baptism my friend hosted about a week ago. I know it can get stressful to try and get decorations with a Religious Theme because your local store either doesn’t carry them, or the designs are limited and plain. Although we sell both Christian & Religious Themed Party Supplies and Solid Colored Tableware, these are some quick tips to spruce up your decor: Continue reading

Spring Graduation Planning

We are now well into March and the spring season is definitely underway. Those of you who instantly become Irish this time of year have St. Patrick’s Day later this week and by the end of the month to early April, we can welcome the Spring Break-ers with open arms. In spite of the recent natural disaster in Japan, a nice break from routine (for students, at least) is a silver lining in the clouds. It is a good time to go home, be with family and really appreciate the people and blessings in our lives. Continue reading

World Cup Brunch Party


It’s official. The FIFA World Cup 2010 officially began on Friday and soccer fever will not be over until the last goal has been scored. This tournament is the most widely viewed sporting event…no matter what time zone you’re in.

Host a brunch party for friends and family for whichever (if there’s one in particular) match you are most passionate about. Choose breakfast/lunch foods that are authentic dishes from the country you are rooting for and make it an affair to remember. Spice up your guests’ viewing and dining experience with Soccer themed party tableware.

Quinceanera Trends

When I was a teenager, quinceaneras and Sweet 16 party decorations included much more reserved color schemes and arrangements. Typically the young girl’s dress consisted of a white gown with one other color such as a pastel blue or a baby pink. In recent years, a trend has emerged in which the main colors include bright shades of magenta, blue, teal, purple and lime green (to name a few).

I wasn’t too convinced by this new trend at first, but the idea has slowly grown on me. Our resident sales coordinator has been assisting a family friend with the plans for her dream Quinceanera, a Latin take on a Sweet 16. Not surprisingly, her choice colors are purple, blue, teal and magenta. Claudia toyed around with the idea of so many colors and quickly cooked up a creative setup using almost only solid colored tableware.

Planning large parties gets expensive fast and saving a couple bucks here and there adds up. Solid colored tableware can be more than just eating utensils—the tableware can double as the main décor.