5 Fun Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Do you get stressed every year, say around Valentine’s Day? If you’re dating someone or are married, every year it becomes increasingly difficult to top the gift from the year before. It’s easy to lose sight of the how special it can be to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. I know it sounds cliche, but the amount you spend on the gift really shouldn’t be the focus. If you’re too stressed, you may need to take a second to breathe and make a list of all the things your significant other, or best friend (it is a holiday about friendship too, you know!) likes or perhaps a list of words that describe them perfectly. This will help you jumpstart your brainstorming. Seriously, get your pen and paper out. Now. Or open a Post-It app on your phone. That works too. Continue reading

Cookie Exchange Party Made Easy

The holidays always inspire us to eat our weight in delicious foods, delicacies and dessert-bring on the dessert! The nearest holiday would be Valentine’s Day so we’ll take that theme, but keep in mind that a Cookie Exchange Party could be tailored to fit any holiday. You don’t necessarily need a significant other in order to celebrate Valeninte’s Day, so long as you celebrate your loved ones. Continue reading

Dinner Party Planning – a Day By Day Countdown

Whether you are planning a feast for 50 over the Christmas holiday or an intimate gathering of 6 for Valentine’s Day, creating a time line to get everything done is a wonderful, stress-free way to prepare for the event.  Here is a wonderfully simple and straightforward time line to get everything lined out and ready for your event in a week.

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More Fun Themes For Bridal Showers

These days, future brides, and even couples, are looking for something a little different to celebrate the upcoming union.  Finding a special way to honor the happy couple can be a challenge; hopefully these ideas will strike a chord or at least inspire some new ideas when hosting a bridal shower.

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Say It Loud And Proud!

Cards are fine.  Candy’s good, too.  And flowers?  They’re acceptable.  Some even delve into jewelry and stuffed animals, a nice dinner and perhaps some decadent dessert as well.  Why not let the one you love know your feelings this Valentine’s Day in a way you’ve never tried before?  Continue reading

Saving Holiday Memories

I’m one of those scrapbooking freaks.  Yes, I will call myself that.  I’m obsessed with stickers, die cuts, paper, adhesive, and of course, photos with my boys in them.  It is not a normal past-time for me.  I am drawn to the specialty stores, the racks of clearance items and the crops my friends all lure me into.  I’ll spend hours obsessing over a single page, and at other times I’ll knock out an entire album in an afternoon.  When I take a picture, I always wonder if it is one I will put in a scrapbook or not.  Yes, I’m a scrapbooking freak. Continue reading

Holiday Greetings Made Special

‘Tis the season!

Many people use this time of year to catch up with friends and acquaintances that they haven’t heard from all year.  Special cards, letters and photos are exchanged at a rapid rate.  At our house, we usually send out about 150 holiday cards and letters, and we typically receive a similar amount.  So, how can you make your card stand out this year?  Here are a few ideas to create some unique and special greetings: Continue reading