Fun Bridal Shower Games That Everyone Will Enjoy

Looking for a fun game to play at your upcoming bridal shower? Read on!

Bridal showers can be really enjoyable to plan, from the fun, bright pink decorations, to the amazing and thoughtful gifts that are put together by your family and friends. However, while you may have your color scheme picked out and your table decorations ordered, there is still the task of choosing what to do once everyone at arrives at your shower!

One trend that has become very popular for bridal showers in the last few years is playing games as a way to entertain your guests and have some fun at your shower. Some games are designed as a way to get to know the bride and groom better or learn more about them as a couple, while others act as a fun way to give everyday housewarming gifts to future brides in a unique, creative way.

Bachelorette Party
If you are planning a bridal shower this summer, here are a few of our favorite shower games that you can be sure will be a hit at your upcoming party:

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How To Host A Bridal Shower Brunch

One of my best friends and coworker got married in Cabo last week! She planned her wedding in only four months and it turned out phenomenal. She had, of course, been planning to be married for some time, but the idea to make it a destination wedding was a bit more last minute. Her sister-in-law, another one of her friend’s and I had to quickly scramble to put together a beautiful bridal shower in only a few weeks. The bride was insisting that she did not want to trouble anyone, but she is so amazing and totally deserved a special gathering with close friends and family before her big day. Not all of us were able to be there so we felt it was important that we have a pre-celebration here. We made sure to send her off with tons of love and well wishes.


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How To Make Low Budget Wedding Favors

Wedding planning only becomes more and more stressful as the event nears. Not only is the deadline fast approaching, but the wedding budget has to be kept in mind the whole time. Many times, brides will obsess over the wedding favors that most guests will either forget at the table, hide away in a display case, or throw away after whatever amount of time they have established is decent. So, seriously. Don’t sweat it and go with chocolate or candy, your guests will appreciate the sweet treat at the end of the night. Continue reading

Lemon Placecard Holders

Summer weddings, for the most part, tend to feature a wide assortment of vibrant hues and colors. This year, yellow seems to be one of the most popular shades in the wedding department as well as the clothing department. Celebrity gossip magazines are my occasional guilty pleasure and it seems they’ve captured quite a few female stars donning beautiful yellow dresses—casual and dressy.

A couple years ago, I attended a wedding and the placecard holders were actual lemons—fresh, citrus-y, yellow lemons! The decorator or the wedding coordinator made a slit across the top and popped the placecard right in. It was simple and it coordinated rather nicely with the color scheme of the wedding.

See, bridezillas! There is no need to be frantic. There are quick fixes as close as your backyard. ;-)

A New Trend In Wedding Showers – The Man Shower

This past week, MSNBC featured an article online about a growing trend for engaged couples around the country.  The “Man Shower” as it has been dubbed is quickly catching on as to-be-grooms realize the wedding preparation does not have to be all about the bride.  Putting together a “Man Shower” can be fun, new, and quite easy!

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Fun Themes For A Bridal Shower

Bridal showers traditionally are composed of a group of women who gather to honor a bride-to-be.  There is usually some sort of food spread, from a full meal to simply cake and punch, gifts to be given and a game or two to be played.  Sometimes, though, it is fun to shake it up a bit and throw a thematic shower.  Check out a few of our favorites!

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She Said YES! Engagement Party Tips

Few moments compare to the excitement and thrill of announcing an engagement.  Becoming engaged is a huge step toward a lifelong commitment, filled with hopes, dreams and possibility.  It is an event that should be shared with loved ones.  Throwing an engagement party is a great way to honor the occasion.

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