Zebra Print Bridal Shower Party

Animal prints are still popular themes for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. I wanted to share some adorable pictures from a zebra print bridal shower that took place a couple weekends ago. One of our girls planned and decorated for the party. It was a success to say the least. I think she has a happy bride on her hands so far, which is great. We don’t want any bridezillas on the loose!

Zebra Print Dessert Table

Zebra Print Dessert Table. - Silver Foil Curtains, Black Plastic Table Skirts & Black Plastic Serving Trays were all used to put this look together.

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How To Host A Bridal Shower Brunch

One of my best friends and coworker got married in Cabo last week! She planned her wedding in only four months and it turned out phenomenal. She had, of course, been planning to be married for some time, but the idea to make it a destination wedding was a bit more last minute. Her sister-in-law, another one of her friend’s and I had to quickly scramble to put together a beautiful bridal shower in only a few weeks. The bride was insisting that she did not want to trouble anyone, but she is so amazing and totally deserved a special gathering with close friends and family before her big day. Not all of us were able to be there so we felt it was important that we have a pre-celebration here. We made sure to send her off with tons of love and well wishes.


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Butterflies and Spring

Spring is just around the corner. If you live in a part of the country where it snows, I’m sure you’re more than ready to see those flowers poke through those snow patches. Spring is just the time of year for rebirth in nature and the season always has a fresh feel to it.Before you know it, we’ll be smack dab in the middle of Spring and if anyone has a birthday coming up, now’s the time to start brainstorming theme ideas. I came across a picture that definitely makes a Butterfly themed birthday party extremely appealing. Little girls love pink, butterflies, wings, glitter and magical concepts.Create a fantasy world for a little girl to commemorate her special day. Make her the queen of the land and use decorations and accessories to create an unreal set up:

  1. Check out our Butterfly Birthday Party Supplies for all party item options
  2. Wrap plastic cutlery with Solid Colored Napkins and one birthday themed napkin as the “band”
  3. Set up party trays with appetizers and snacks - use additional guest napkins to create a display around each tray and/or centerpiece
  4. Favors: use pink party pails as base & decorate with tulle ribbon and plastic flowers or tiny butterflies
  5. Use tiny plastic crowns for the guests and a jeweled plastic crown to distinguish the guest of honor
  6. Use butterfly wing accessories to decorate random chairs at the table
  7. Tip: You can never have too many balloons


Wedding season is just about over and upon returning from romantic honeymoons, it is time for the newlyweds to face reality. Although I’m sure all post-brides dread planning anything right after the wedding, a housewarming party is a great way to share your new life with friends and family (the gifts don’t hurt either :) ).

A housewarming is definitely not the time to invite the entire world—invite only close friends and family (people that you would normally want over for a visit/dinner). Provide advice cards or a small notebook where your amigos can leave words of wisdom to the young grasshoppers.

Bottom line, you’re just having friends over to hang out. Set out disposable bowls with yummy treats/snacks and/or appetizers, burn a custom CD with a favorites playlist (or plug the iPod into the speakers) and have plenty of lounging area. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures for the scrapbooks!

Lemon Placecard Holders

Summer weddings, for the most part, tend to feature a wide assortment of vibrant hues and colors. This year, yellow seems to be one of the most popular shades in the wedding department as well as the clothing department. Celebrity gossip magazines are my occasional guilty pleasure and it seems they’ve captured quite a few female stars donning beautiful yellow dresses—casual and dressy.

A couple years ago, I attended a wedding and the placecard holders were actual lemons—fresh, citrus-y, yellow lemons! The decorator or the wedding coordinator made a slit across the top and popped the placecard right in. It was simple and it coordinated rather nicely with the color scheme of the wedding.

See, bridezillas! There is no need to be frantic. There are quick fixes as close as your backyard. ;-)

A New Trend In Wedding Showers – The Man Shower

This past week, MSNBC featured an article online about a growing trend for engaged couples around the country.  The “Man Shower” as it has been dubbed is quickly catching on as to-be-grooms realize the wedding preparation does not have to be all about the bride.  Putting together a “Man Shower” can be fun, new, and quite easy!

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