How To Throw An Out Of The Box Graduation Party

When you think of decorations for a graduation party, you probably think of little graduation caps everywhere, light refreshments with the graduation year etched in icing anywhere possible, and a table celebrating the grad’s accomplishments. While some things are a staple, like the table all about the grad (it’s their day after all), here are some ways to spice up the “tried and true” grad party.

Graduation Party

Popcorn Bar

Most people enjoy cupcakes and or cheese plates, but why not spice it up a little bit, literally! Pop a bunch of popcorn (or buy some large bags at your closest grocery store) and pour it into a cute bucket or basket. Next, place different kinds of popcorn seasonings at a nearby table: ranch, cheese, spicy, you get the drift. If you want to get really crazy, you can even provide some candy mix-ins as part of the bar for the guest that have a the sweet tooth. There’s nothing wrong with a veggie tray and ranch dip, but a popcorn bar is a fun easy way to do something different that most people will enjoy. If you keep thinking along these lines, you can come up with many new food ideas for your graduation party!

Super Centerpieces

Looking for fun, out-of-the-box table decorations for your graduation party? Place sparklers in a vase at the center of the table! When the guest of honor walks in, light the sparklers. It’s fun, easy and very inexpensive. Plus, it will make your graduate feel like a million bucks. If that centerpiece idea is just a little too crazy for your taste, take a couple books, stack them up and tie a ribbon around them. Sticking to the books is likely what helped your graduate get this far, so keeping them at the center of the table is a great way to acknowledge all of their hard work!

Clothesline Timeline

Yes, the graduate table is tried and true and should keep a place of honor at your graduation party. However, what are you supposed to do with the loose photos? Sprinkling them around the table could make it look cluttered, but placing them in a book could slow down the line while each guest takes the time to look through the album. Instead, take a long string of ribbon and hang it up behind the table, then use close pins to hang the pictures up on the line.  The line keeps moving, and you have a new inventive way to show up all the moments that led to this one.

Revitalize The Vegetable Platter

Mom and dad always told you to eat your veggies so you’d grow up big and strong, so including them as a refreshment at the party just seems natural, right? However, don’t stick to the boring, old veggie platter. Instead, place your vegetables in different cylindrical vases and the dip in a martini glass. You’re still keeping vegetables in the equation, but livening up the presentation. This doesn’t have to work just for vegetables though. You could fill them up with candy, or really any other food you wanted to serve at your party.

A graduation party can be a very bittersweet event. It signifies the ending of one era and the beginning of a new one. We hold these parties to allow the graduate time to talk to the people that have influenced their life and helped them to get this far. Whether it’s a high school graduation, college graduation, or law school graduation, by thinking outside the box, you can not only give this to the grad, but you can also make sure it’s a party others are remembering for years to come. We’d love to hear your own graduation ideas, leave us a comment below and share.

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