I came across a wonderful and simple recipe for creating your own truffles.  How great would these be as shower or wedding favors, Valentine gifts, or baby shower snacks?  This easy recipe is perfect for any occasion!


20 squares of Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate (2.5 packages)
8 oz cream cheese, softened
Decorations: chopped nuts, sprinkles, icing or gel glaze, edible decor

Melt 8 of the chocolate squares in either the microwave or over low heat.  Beat the cream cheese with a mixer until creamy, then add the melted chocolate.  Blend well and refrigerate until firm.  Shape mixture into balls (approximately 3 dozen).  Place on a baking sheet covered in waxed paper.  Melt the other 12 squares of chocolate.  Use a fork to dip the balls in the chocolate, then return them to the waxed paper.  Decorate as desired and refrigerate until set (about 1 hour).

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