Under The Sea Baby Shower Theme Ideas

I went to the most adorable baby shower this weekend. It was decorated with an “Under the Sea” theme mostly focusing on mermaids. I fell in love with the set-up because it wasn’t over the top; it was just tasteful enough. I hate when it looks like the ocean puked in the room.

Right next to the mommy-to-be’s table, there was a decadent candy and dessert bar. Shimmery table covers in shades of Turquoise, Sea Glass and Teal accented different parts of the bar for a sparkling sea effect. The table was piled high with candy, cupcakes and these “pearl oyster” cookies. Seriously? They were simple and perfect for this theme. So perfect, I was bummed I didn’t think of it for the last baby shower I helped plan. They consisted of a couple of butter cookies with pink frosting in the center. The center held a yogurt covered raisin and two eyes were added at the top.

I’m not going to say that using the watermelon shell as part of a fruit platter is news to me, but hear me out. I’ve seen it cut into cool baskets with jagged edges and things like that. Feast your eyes on this baby:

It’s a fruit baby! A peeled melon was used as the baby’s head. They cut out a small hole and inserted a pacifier. Just display and set out with clear plastic dessert plates. So easy! It was so cute; I almost didn’t want to dig in. Do not fret, I didn’t hesitate for more than a second.

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