A Year’s Worth of Party Ideas


Sometimes you just feel like spending some time talking and laughing with your best friends. That sounds like the perfect time to plan and throw a party! After you send out the invitations, you’re inevitably going to be asked why are you throwing said party. Need an excuse? Here are some rather uncommon party ideas for each month of the year.

Party Ideas

January 20

Today is inauguration day! Call up all your friends, buy red, white and blue party supplies and make sure you have the TV turned on. You can all watch the president’s inauguration together and make predictions about where society will be in the next four years. Hover cars, anyone? The only bad thing about this party is it only happens once every four years.

February 5

You thought it was going to be Groundhog Day? Bring out your favorite sombrero and the salsa ingredients. You and your friends can gather to celebrate Constitution Day in Mexico by learning how to Salsa - and making some too!

March 2

They say everything is bigger in Texas; even its state Independence Day? Dress up in your favorite cowboy duds, get out the grill and even make some stick horse riding games for the kids. We wouldn’t have 50 states without Texas, so spend some time celebrating this great state!

April 22

Plant some trees and show your love for Mother Earth. Spend the day freshening up the outdoors, then come home and grill some burgers; everyone helps. Not only do you get to hang out with your friends today, but you also get to help the Earth and don’t have to prep by yourself. It’s a three-for-one special!

May 9

Today is the beginning of golf week. Invite your friends over, watch a game or two and celebrate an American pastime. Itching to get out there yourself? Schedule a tee time for your friends the next day and keep the party going!

June 4

June 4 is Feast Day. Does this need any more explanation? Have each friend bring over his own dish and feast together. Make sure each person brings a dish so the host, or hostess, is only required to get the cups and plates ready for the occasion. If you have friends from multiple different cultures, encourage them to bring ethnic food and you can have a feast of cultures too!

July 4

This day needs no explanation and you know what to do. Cut up some watermelon, go see some fireworks and celebrate the grand old United States’ independence.

August 11

Today is the anniversary of the crossing of Niagara Falls on a tightrope by Blondin. Come up with some new kids’ party games and build them an ultimate obstacle course. Have the kids go in heats and face off against each other. The winner gets a small prize!

September 1

Today marks the beginning of oyster season. Plan an upscale dinner party and have everyone dress up to go out and eat the first oysters of the season. You may want to call ahead for reservations; you don’t know who else enjoys celebrating this day too.

October 30

This is National Buy a Doughnut Day. Instead of buying a doughnut, how about putting your own spin on this day? Find an easy recipe to make your own doughnuts. You can even get the kids involved and have a doughnut and hot chocolate stand. It’s a celebration of young entrepreneurs.


November doesn’t need an extra celebration. Thanksgiving takes so much preparation work - and then it takes weeks to digest what you ate. Take it easy this month.

Are you tired yet? We gave you December off to rest up for Christmas. Order your party supplies now, and then tell us about the holidays you celebrated below!

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