Paper Food Wrappers & Liners

Wholesale paper food liners and wrappers help create a sanitary and visually appealing surface for serving an array of food items. Whether you require food basket liners, sandwich bags, hot dog trays, dessert holders, or waxed tissue papers, our range of discount bulk deli supplies consists of everything you need to deliver quality food attractively.

Little Extras Make Your Presentation Special

Whether you own a deli, bakery, or catering business, or you're planning a special event such as a backyard barbecue, deli food packaging supplies are a convenient means of handling and serving food to your guests. Our checkered food basket liners provide a decorative element to your presentation that's ideal for hamburgers, sandwiches, or fries, plus they're durable enough to handle multiple food needs.

When you need to serve food items in a sanitary manner, our bulk paper trays and waxed sandwich bags provide the ideal solution. Great for serving hot dogs, sausage links, hamburgers, eclairs, and other desserts. Paper food trays are a must for school functions and other large events, including Little League Baseball games and tailgate parties.

Multi-Purpose Packaging Options Add to Your Solutions

In addition to paper bags and trays, our waxed food tissue papers provide plenty of multi-purpose options for your food handling needs. Use them as wraps for sub sandwiches and burgers, or as box liners to assist in food transport. Whatever your food packaging needs, there's an economical, bulk food packaging product designed to meet them.

Disposable food packaging offers the best solution for any large event. Be sure to shop our extensive range of options.

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Checkered Paper Food Basket Liners

Code: CFL1600
$68.95 /case (2000 in case)

Wax Paper Sandwich Bags

Code: WSB2354
$112.95 /case (1000-6000 in case)

White Waxed Bakery Tissue Papers

Code: WFT5733
$56.95 /case (6,000-10,000 in case)

Paper Hot Dog Trays

Code: HDT1247
$44.95 /case (250-3,000 in case)

Fluted Paper Eclair Liners

Code: EC17000
$99.95 /case (10000 in case)

Fluted Paper Burger & Taco Holder

Code: 610750
$63.95 /case (2000 in case)