Football Tailgate Party Supplies

Football Tailgate Party Supplies Football tailgate party supplies can be used for sports themed birthday celebrations, Super Bowl Sunday, team events or game-watching gatherings. My Paper Shop offers two exciting football collections that feature detailed designs of balls, helmets and sideline strategy game plays on the gridiron. Available tableware items include bulk paper napkins, party plates, paper cups, plastic serving trays, and plastic tablecloths.

Our football theme party decorations are sure to score you major points with eager sports fans or teammates. These decor items include table centerpieces, paper snack servers, Koozies, food picks, and pick cake candles. Design creative place settings and tabletop arrangements to match any occasion or team banquet.

These football party collections pair well with any of our emerald green, hunter green, black or white solid colored tableware supplies to complete your event table settings. All of these party items are sold in discount bulk quantities and are retail packaged.

Have a question regarding any of our sports party items or need help planning your Super Bowl party? Contact us and we would be happy to assist!

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Football Tailgate Beverage Napkins

Code: 317011
$19.95 /case (192 in case)

Football Tailgate Paper Luncheon Napkins

Code: 317012
$23.95 /case (192 in case)

Football Tailgate Paper Dessert Plates

Code: 317013
$19.95 /case (96 in case)

Football Tailgate Paper Luncheon Plates

Code: 317014
$23.95 /case (96 in case)

Football Beverage Napkins

Code: 656151
$19.95 /case (216 in case)

Football Paper Luncheon Napkins

Code: 666151
$23.95 /case (216 in case)

Football Paper Dessert Plates

Code: 416151
$19.95 /case (96 in case)

Football Paper Luncheon Plates

Code: 426151
$23.95 /case (96 in case)

Football Paper Cups

Code: 376151
$18.95 /case (96 in case)

Football Plastic Cups

Code: 102249
$22.95 /case (20 in case)

Football Paper Bowls – 20 oz.

Code: 317464
$33.95 /case (96 in case)

Referee Shirt Plastic Serving Trays

Code: 064051
$26.95 /case (12 in case)

Football Shaped Plastic Serving Trays

Code: 014107
$27.95 /case (12 in case)

Football Chip & Dip Server Trays

Code: 102248
$21.95 /case (6 in case)

Green Grass Plastic Tablecloths

Code: 727965
$16.95 /case (6 in case)

Football Party Centerpiece Sticks

Code: 102246
$16.95 /case (18 in case)

Football Cascade Table Centerpieces

Code: 266151
$16.95 /case (6 in case)

Football Deluxe Danglers

Code: 036151
$23.95 /case (12 in case)

Football Metallic Party Balloons

Code: 046151
$19.95 /case (10 in case)

Football Latex Party Balloons

Code: 102250
$29.95 /case (180 in case)

Football Field Plastic Flag Banners

Code: 293923
$31.95 /case (12 in case)

Football Plastic Bead Necklaces

Code: 091300
$18.95 /case (36 in case)

Red & Yellow Penalty Flag Beads

Code: 102244
$31.95 /case (24 in case)

Football Party Drink Holders

Code: 102247
$24.95 /case (12 in case)