Fun DIY Outdoor Games That Will Entertain Your Kids This Summer

The summer will fly by when your children play these fun summer games!

It is no secret that summer is a favorite season for kids all over the country. No school, no homework— just long afternoons full of fun in the sun and play dates with their friends! However, once the excitement and the freedom from school has lost its freshness, it’s easy for kids to fall into a summer rut of playing video games and watching TV all day long.

However, why not break up the boredom and repetitiveness of long summer days by crafting up some fun backyard games with your kids? Not only do outdoor games get your children outside in the sun and away from the dull TV, but it also is a great chance for your entire family to bond and make summer memories. You can even set up these games at your next backyard BBQ or summer party as a way to entertain the kids while the adults chat it up!

Therefore, without further ado, here are our favorite outdoor summer games that you can craft up in your own backyard this season!

DIY Games

Backyard Twister

Twister is a longtime popular game among kids (and, let’s face it, adults too)! Therefore, why not take this classic game and put a summer spin on it? Simply cut a circle stencil out of a piece of cardboard or the bottom of a round bucket, and grab four different colors of washable spray paint. Next, spray a twister board right on your lawn for an afternoon of fun! No worries—the next time it rains, the paint on your lawn will wash right away!

Life-size Jenga

Another twist on a classic kid’s game, life-size Jenga is one game that is just as popular with adults as it is with kids! Simply cut 2×4 wood boards into 10.5″ length pieces (you’ll need 48 pieces total), and stack them as you would a regular Jenga board. But be careful—these big boards make quite the clatter when they fall, and your whole party will know who caused the Jenga pieces to meet their tumbling end!

Also, if you want to add another element of fun to this popular game, write different dares on each Jenga board piece. (For instance, “I dare you to lick your elbow” or “act out a scene from your favorite movie.”) Whenever someone pulls out a new Jenga piece to add to the top of the puzzle, make them act out the dare.

Aim For The Win

Do you have a family full of sports fans? Why not put their sports abilities to the test with a friendly sports accuracy game. All you need for this DIY backyard game is some scissors, a large tarp, some tape, and a marker. Next, cut different sized shapes into the tarp and use the marker to add point values to each shape. (The larger shapes should feature lower awarded points, and the small shapes high awarded points, as they are more challenging!) Next, outline the shapes in tape so they are easy to locate, and have your kids try and toss sport’s balls through the holes! A football or baseball would work great for this project!

Do you have a favorite outdoor summer game? If so, be sure to share it with us in the comments below! Also be sure to check out our other DIY projects on the My Paper Shop blog to ensure that your summer party is a hit!

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