Paper Guest Towel Holders & Baskets

Create a welcoming ambiance with our wholesale hand towel baskets and holders. Providing your guests with beautiful paper hand towels is a thoughtful way to enhance any guest bathroom, business restroom, or banquet table. Each of our holders is designed to accommodate any of the linen-like guest towels offered at My Paper Shop, so you can always be confident that you're shopping smart.

Stay Organized with Elegant Guest Towel Holders & Baskets

Our hand towel baskets and holders are available in a range of styles to suit any environment. Want to keep things simple? Try our clear plastic guest towel holders, which provide an affordable, clean method for dispensing paper hand towels. This straightforward acrylic design holds 70 standard paper guest towels, ensuring each one is kept clean and dry for the next guest's use.

Prefer a more elegant dispenser? Consider our wire guest towel baskets. Our bronze wire basket design, for instance, features maple leaves and looks amazing on bathroom countertops. These designs can accommodate 4.5-Inch x 8.5-Inch paper hand towels, giving you the benefit of versatility, plus they look great no matter how you use them.

Enjoy Affordable Elegance

From our bronze towel baskets to our casually sophisticated seagrass towel holders, the organizers on My Paper Shop are cost-effective and durable. You'll never have to worry about a disorganized buffet table or guest bathroom again.

Ensure you have everything your guests need for home, office, or event use. Simply choose your basket or holder and fill it with disposable guest hand towels for a flawless finish.

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Clear Plastic Guest Towel Holders

Code: 710000
$28.95 /case (1 in case)

Seagrass Guest Towel Basket

Code: BSK2151A
$13.95 /case (1 in case)

Bronze Maple Leaf Wire Guest Towel Basket

Code: BSK2032
$13.95 /case (1 in case)

Chrome Guest Towel Holder

Code: BSK2101
$13.95 /case (1 in case)

Bronze Guest Hand Towel Basket

Code: BSK2112
$13.95 /case (1 in case)

Seagrass Guest Towel Basket with Handles

Code: BSK3000
$17.95 /case (1 in case)

Large Seagrass Guest Towel Basket

Code: BSK3050
$28.95 /case (1 in case)