How To Host A Princess’ Birthday Party

Every father or set of parents thinks their daughter is a perfect princess and there is no limit to what they would do to put a smile on her face. I attended an adorable princess theme baby shower a few months ago. The theme, however, is versatile and can double up as a birthday party if you so desire. Many people can find it intimidating or overly expensive to plan parties in general, and although it can get stressful, there are so many little tricks and modifications you can take to make the planning just as much fun as the event!


A fun money-saving décor idea is to use framed pregnancy photographs (if it’s a baby shower) or framed photographs of your favorite silly moments that year as table centerpieces or main table décor. Not only are you re-using photographs that you already have, but it makes the party decorations more personal. Also, who doesn’t like looking at adorable baby pictures?! Not only that, but I feel that in this digital age, we don’t always make an effort to print pictures and this is a slight push to do so at least once a year.

We offer pre-rolled cutlery on the site, but if you are looking for custom colors or cutlery, it is definitely a feasible DIY project. Themed products are always a tad more expensive then solid color tableware, so I would recommend using maybe a solid color paper luncheon napkin with a Princess Themed Beverage Napkin wrapped around sparkly silver glitter plastic cutlery. Tie the whole set together with a cute pink ribbon or string! They’ll  be magical!

IMAG0461If you’re even the slightest bit computer savvy, you can make an attempt at making bottle labels. My friend tweaked the Evian logo to read “Allison” and it complemented the princess theme perfectly!

IMAG0463Lollipop bouquets with princess tiara and ribbon embellishments adorned the tables. The plus? The centerpieces were edible and not too expensive if you find the candy lollipops in bulk!    IMAG0464

Have a ball making your own cupcake toppers using princess crown artwork. Print a series of crowns on heavyweight cardstock, cut into circles and make double sided toppers with toothpicks. Our silver baking cups will add the perfect amount of shine to get you in that royal mood!


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