Los Angeles Rams NFL Party Supplies

The Rams played in Cleveland and St. Louis before making it to Los Angeles, but LA is happy to have them now. As the only NFL franchise to win three championships in three cities, the LA Rams are special. That's why it's so important to celebrate them. That may involve heading out to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to see a game live, visiting the local pub, hanging out in the parking lot, or throwing a game day get-together at your house. One way to plan for all your Rams-themed ragers is to buy your party supplies in bulk so they're always on hand.

Serving Game Day Goodness on LA Rams Paper Plates & Napkins

If it's just about the food and drink, you need the basics. It pays to buy wholesale supplies because if you throw together parties whenever the Rams play, you're going to go through a lot of tableware. Indoor or outdoor, make sure you have paper napkins, party plates, and plastic cups. Now, you just have to choose which size — 7-inch dessert plates and smaller 20-ounce plastic cups or large oval-shaped paper plates or 22-oounce plastic stadium cups bearing the team logo? You can buy all of that, as well as standard size luncheon plates, paper bowls, and some pretty gorgeous gold plastic cutlery.

All the Extras Help Create the Ultimate LA Rams Tailgate

Maybe you want to add some pizzazz to your event, be it a birthday party or a tailgate. That's entirely possible. How about paper straws striped in red, gold, and white? What about a plastic banner celebrating the Rams? Always go the extra mile. Your NFL bash will be the talk of the neighborhood.

At least stock up on the basics — you'll always need them. As for the extras, don't the Rams fans in your life deserve the best?

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Los Angeles Rams Beverage Napkins

Code: 659529
$17.95 /case (192 in case)

Los Angeles Rams Luncheon Napkins

Code: 321461
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Los Angeles Rams Paper Dessert Plates - 7"

Code: 321460
$17.95 /case (96 in case)

Los Angeles Rams Paper Luncheon Plates - 8.75"

Code: 429529
$21.95 /case (96 in case)

Los Angeles Rams Oval Paper Plates - 10" x 12"

Code: 322415
$43.95 /case (96 in case)

Los Angeles Rams Plastic Cups - 20 oz.

Code: 321464
$32.95 /case (96 in case)

Los Angeles Rams Plastic Stadium Cups - 22 oz.

Code: 321465
$22.95 /case (20 in case)

Los Angeles Rams Plastic Tablecloths - 54" x 102"

Code: 321463
$31.95 /case (12 in case)

Gold Plastic Cutlery Sets

Code: 010442
$22.95 /case (96 in case)