Let The Games Begin: Fun Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers do not have to be simply about food and gifts.  Throwing in a few fun group games can help the guests get to know each other better and build memories that the bride will hold forever.  Check out these great and easy games to play!

  1. Bingo, Shower Style!  This is a terrific game to play with a women-only shower.  Have each guest sit with her purse on her lap.  Then, call out various items that might be found in a purse.  The first guest to produce each item is the winner.  Start with easy items, such as a driver’s license or lipstick, but also include some far-out items, such as a hair clip, a sewing kit or a bottle cap!  Provide a small prize for each winner, such as a tulle sachet or a small bag of mints or candies.
  2. Secret Word Game.  Upon arrival give each guest a safety pin or a paper clip to wear or hold onto.  Advise them of the “word of the day” – this can be the groom’s name, the word “wedding” or “cake” – you make the choice.  If and when someone slips and says the chosen word and is caught, they must give up their clip or pin to the person who catches them.  The person with the most clips or pins by the time the cake is served is the winner!
  3. Secrets of a good marriage/relationship.  Give each guest a recipe card as they arrive and have them write down on secret to a good marriage.  During the shower, have the guest of honor read each card aloud and try to guess who wrote what!
  4. Who am I? game.  Create name tags for each guest, but make the names celebrity names.  As each guest arrives, a name tag is placed on their backs without being able to see which name is written.  Guests try to guess the name on their backs by asking “yes” or “no” questions.
  5. Make a wedding cake.  Divide the guests into small groups and give each group a paper bag with the following items in it: 6 large marshmallows, 7 small colored marshmallows, 4 toothpicks, a small paper plate, a piece of ribbon and 3 different colored glitter glue sticks. All the guests in a group will work together to make a wedding cake ONLY with the contents in the paper bag. Give each group a number to identify them and write it on the plate. Give them about 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes are up, the bride-to-be chooses her favorite. Each guest of the winning group gets a small gift.

Want some other fun bridal party ideas?  Check out our variety of bridal shower game idea books and kits!

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