Paper Table Skirts

Cover up your edge — the edge of your tables, that is. Our wholesale Better Than Linen® paper table skirts offer an attractive and cost-effective way to finish off your table settings.

The beauty of these disposable table skirts is in their durability and quality. Crafted from a sturdy paper material that looks like linen, these paper table skirts make an attractive statement from the time you hang them until the time you remove them.

Easy Assembly Enables You to Maximize Setup Time

You may not have an entire team to help you set up your banquet tables for your fundraising dinner. However, with these disposable table skirts, you'll be able to easily trim your table edges with style and sophistication.

The pleated edge with adhesive strips make light work of attaching the table skirts to the side edges of your tables. Forget the pushpins, excessive tape, and bulky strings that get in the way of getting the job done.

When your event concludes, simply remove the paper skirts from your tables — they're disposable.

Wholesale Paper Table Skirts to Suit Your Event Style

Designed to fit 6-foot to 8-foot banquet tables, our Better Than Linen® paper table skirts are available in a classic white color.

In addition, we also offer poly-nylon table skirts crafted from a non-woven polyester and nylon blend material. Choose from either black or white color options.

Give your banquet table settings at your next event the finishing touch with our linen like paper table skirts.

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Better Than Linen Table Skirts

Code: 833272
$43.95 /case (6 in case)

Black Poly-Nylon Table Skirts

Code: 210461
$146.95 /case (12 in case)