Lotus & Tulip Paper Baking Cups

Say goodbye to ordinary baked good presentations. Our lotus and tulip baking cups take muffins and cupcakes to a new level. These decorative wholesale baking products are the perfect solution when you want to add a touch of interest and elegance to your presentation while staying within your budget.

The Perfect Solution From Start to Finish

You don't have to worry about baking your goodies in a separate pan and transferring them to our baking cups. Despite the delicate design, these lotus and tulip baking cups are the perfect choice for muffins. They're approved for use in conventional ovens up to 425 degrees. Simply pour your raw batter into these decorative bulk cups and bake as usual. The grease-proof cups offer a classy presentation option, and they retain their shapes beautifully.

Adding Interest with Distinctive Designs

Our colorful tulip baking cups feature four pointed petals and overlapping base that make each cupcake or muffin look as though it's popping out of its own delightful blossom. The large baking cups hold four to five ounces, while the small cups make mini treats of three to four ounces. Available in a rainbow of colors including silver, pink, black, yellow, white, aqua, chocolate, and red, you can buy wholesale baking cups for any occasion.

Our lotus baking cups feature a similar design with rounded petals for a softer look. These are available in both small and large sizes. Choose from chocolate, white, and red to suit your occasion.

Bulk lotus and tulip baking cups are just what you need to make your catering, bake sale, or commercial bakery items stand out.

Small Tulip Baking Cups

$50.95 /case (500-2,500 in case)

Tulip Baking Cups - Large

Code: LTC1236
$88.95 /case (500-2,500 in case)

Large Lotus Paper Baking Cups

Code: LLC9127
$156.95 /case (2500 in case)

Small Lotus Baking Cups

Code: SLC5439
$146.95 /case (2,500 in case)