Numbered Birthday Candles

Personalize your cake easily without any crafty frosting tactics using numbered cake candles. Our wholesale birthday candles include something to make any day extra special.

Numbered Birthday Candles Help Customize your Cake

There are several ways you can dress up your cake with numbered cake candles. We have various styles that will give you the right look for any event. If you want something bright and playful, try our numbered birthday candles with balloons. Each solid-colored candle has a contrasting balloon on it for added interest.

Red outline numbered candles give your cake a classic look. Simple and streamlined, these candles are eye-catching on any cake. If you want more color in your design, polka dot numbered candles are the best fit.

Highlight the Day With Milestone Birthday Candles in Bulk

Stock up on bulk cake candles, and you'll have just what you need for years of birthday and anniversary celebrations. Available in cases of six, these numbered candles are great additions to your special events. You can purchase single digits or invest in bigger two-digit numbers. Our bright and bold numbered candles feature birthday milestones such as 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, and up. Numbered glitter candles come into play for every big decade celebration, including 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70.

Wholesale numbered cake candles are just what you need to highlight your special event. Make the birthday celebrant or anniversary couple feel extra special with bulk number cake candles on the sweets for your special day.

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Numbered Pick Candles with Balloons

Code: NCB1035
$12.95 /case (6 in case)

Polka Dot Numbered Candles

Code: NCD6315
$10.95 /case (6 in case)

Red Outline Numbered Candles

Code: NCR3125
$10.95 /case (6 in case)

Bright & Bold Numbered Candles

Code: BNC1880
$13.95 /case (6 in case)

Milestone Birthday Glitter Candles

Code: NGC5275
$15.95 /case (6 in case)