Paper Bath Mats

Disposable bath mats improve both cleanliness and appearance near showers, baths, steam rooms, sinks, and other areas. Paper spa mats are an ideal solution when you want an elegant bath area without the hassle and expense of linen products.

Luxury Looks With Bulk Paper Bath Mats

A well-placed bath mat transforms the look of your facility. Hospitals, assisted living, and other care facilities instantly enjoy a homier look and feel with the right bath mat. While residents enjoy the charm of this decorative feature, caregivers appreciate the ease of disposal. Setting out a fresh, clean mat takes just seconds and keeps the area sanitary. The effect is equally elegant in a hotel or spa. The mats are an affordable solution for any business.

Decorative Designs Add a Touch of Style

Our wholesale paper bath mats come in three distinctive designs so you can choose the best fit for any area. A simple solid white paper is a suitable choice for everything from an upscale spa to a hospital setting. Versatile and fresh, this look can meet any need.

Enjoy a more decorative approach with our floral Sea Breeze paper bath mats or the new bath-themed Tile & Tub mats. Use a cute bath tub print for a casual touch of interest in your hotel, acute care facility, or spa. The delicate design on our Sea Breeze mats is beautiful enough for a beach home rental or long-term care facility.

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White Paper Spa Bath Mats

Code: 851000
$59.95 /case (500 in case)

Sea Breeze Paper Bath Mats

Code: 851080
$69.95 /case (500 in case)