Paper Coasters

Paper drink coasters are a must-have for any party or family gathering. They protect your furniture from moisture rings, and when ordered in bulk, they prove to be economical and indispensable for so many single-use applications. They'll be perfect for game-day celebrations, family reunions, wedding receptions, wine tastings, dinner parties, and so many other uses.

Paper Coasters Are Perfect for Home or Office

Our wholesale disposable beverage coasters are available in a range of designs, including Gold Greek Key, Decaf Coffee, White Cellulose, Regal Cellulose, and the popular White Linen Like®. You can even choose from round, square, or lattice embossed designs. Whether you require an unadorned coaster design or you prefer something more intricate, our drink coasters will truly add to your party's ambience and complement your overall theme.

Paper Coasters Also Add Variety and Protect Furniture

Some of our paper drink coasters are as thin as business cards and are made from economical budget-board or pulp board. Some even feature layers of delicate tissue for a more elegant appearance. So whatever your special occasion, you'll have a great variety of paper drink coasters to choose from, and you'll be able to make that lasting impression on your guests, while keeping your surfaces damage-free.

By buying paper coasters in bulk, you'll enjoy the benefit of having plenty on hand for future gatherings. They'll help tie your party's elements together while serving a very useful purpose. So provide that essential finishing touch to your special event and ensure that your guests always have a safe place to set their drinks on, with our stylish and economical coasters.

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White Linen Like Drink Coasters - 3.375 Inch

Code: 876083
$59.95 /case (1000 in case)

Gold Greek Key Paper Coasters - 3.375 Inch

Code: 876074
$59.95 /case (2500 in case)

Decaf Coffee Coasters - 3.375 Inch

Code: 860035
$38.95 /case (1000 in case)

White Cellulose Coasters - 4 Inch

Code: 876075
$51.95 /case (1000 in case)

Regal Cellulose Coasters - 4 Inch

Code: 876057
$46.95 /case (1000 in case)

White Budgetboard Coasters - 4 Inch

Code: 876082
$42.95 /case (1000 in case)

Black Round Coasters - 4 Inch

Code: 876107
$43.95 /case (500 in case)

Black Square Coasters - 4 Inch

Code: 876108
$43.95 /case (500 in case)