Colored Paper Guest Towels

Paper hand towels are ideal when you want to keep things clean without the hassle of a laundry bill. Whether you're throwing a big party, serving customers in a residential facility, or simply maintaining a busy commercial venue, our solid color paper hand towels offer the convenience and versatility you need to keep your space both functional and stylish.

Colored Paper Guest Towels Add Style

Our extensive line of bulk paper hand towels includes more than two dozen solid colors. We carry hues that will coordinate with nearly any decorating scheme. You don't have to settle for a shade that's only similar to what you're after. We have colors that cover even slight variances, such as classic pink, candy pink, coral, and magenta. Whether you need vibrant turquoise or Bermuda blue, you'll find the perfect color in our collection.

Our paper hand towels match perfectly with other disposable tableware and decorations in our line, including paper plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, and more.

3-Ply Tissue Towels in Best Selection of Colors

Our wholesale disposable paper guest hand towels are durable enough to offer a distinctive sense of elegance at your event. Made from three-ply tissue, they're supremely absorbent. The classic coin edge and neat folded rectangular shape give them a sophisticated look. Keep your restrooms well-stocked with stylish paper hand towels using colors from our diverse collection.

Make sure your events are carefully coordinated down to the last detail with solid colored paper hand towels in the perfect shade. These affordable wholesale packages will help you stock your event or facility on a smart budget.

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White Paper Guest Hand Towels

Code: 95000
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Ivory Paper Guest Hand Towels

Code: 95161
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Mimosa Yellow Paper Guest Towels

Code: 95102
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

School Bus Yellow Paper Guest Towels

Code: 951021
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Gold Paper Guest Towels

Code: 953276
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Silver Gray Paper Guest Towels

Code: 953281
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Sunkissed Orange Paper Guest Towels

Code: 95191
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Pumpkin Spice Paper Guest Hand Towels

Code: 323403
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Chocolate Brown Paper Guest Towels

Code: 953038
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Classic Pink Paper Guest Towels

Code: 95158
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Coral Paper Guest Hand Towels

Code: 953146
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Candy Pink Paper Guest Towels

Code: 953042
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Magenta Paper Guest Towels

Code: 95177
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Classic Red Paper Guest Towels

Code: 951031
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Burgundy Paper Guest Towels

Code: 953122
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Purple Paper Guest Towels

Code: 95115
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Lavender Paper Guest Towels

Code: 95193
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Turquoise Paper Guest Hand Towels

Code: 953131
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Pastel Blue Paper Guest Hand Towels

Code: 95157
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Bermuda Blue Paper Guest Hand Towels

Code: 951039
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Cobalt Paper Guest Towels

Code: 953147
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Mint Paper Guest Hand Towels

Code: 318903
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Navy Blue Paper Guest Towels

Code: 951137
$21.95 /case (192 in case)

Lime Green Paper Guest Towels

Code: 953123
$21.95 /case (192 in case)