Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Make your event cleanup easy with our wholesale paper tablecloths. Our selection of economy-paper tablecloths is constructed with a one-ply plastic backing in addition to a two-ply tissue construction, increasing overall strength. Whether you're planning a formal or casual event, we offer a wide selection of bulk paper tablecloths to meet your needs and add a little flair to your party.

54 Inch Plastic Lined Paper Tablecloths Make Sense

One of the best things about our plastic-lined paper tablecloths is that they provide a clean, sanitary surface for serving food or dining, but there are so many other benefits. For starters, you can enhance your party's decor or color scheme by choosing a complementing tablecloth color. Choose from hunter green, navy blue, burgundy, pink, classic white, or traditional red gingham, just to name a few.

Disposable tableware from other solid-color party lines will also enhance your tablecloths. You may opt to purchase solid red cutlery and napkins to match the red gingham tablecloth. Our bittersweet orange tablecloths go great with our black tableware products, setting the right atmosphere for a great Halloween party.

Buy in Bulk Quantities to Save Money

Ordering disposable tablecloths in bulk is a smart option, even if you don't intend to use every single one during your next event. Our economical paper covers will fit small square tables with up to four place settings, so you may need multiple tablecloths depending on the size of your table.

No matter your budget, our plastic-lined disposable paper tablecloths provide a smart solution for any occasion. Stock up today to ensure you always have product on hand.

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Hunter Green Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Code: 220437
$64.95 /case (50 in case)

Burgundy Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Code: 220424
$64.95 /case (50 in case)

Navy Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Code: 220422
$64.95 /case (50 in case)

Jade Green Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Code: 220429
$64.95 /case (50 in case)

Red Gingham Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Code: 220470
$64.95 /case (50 in case)

Red Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Code: 220411
$64.95 /case (50 in case)

Bittersweet Orange Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Code: 220408
$64.95 /case (50 in case)

Sun Yellow Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Code: 220440
$64.95 /case (50 in case)

White Paper Tablecloths - 54 Inch

Code: 210046
$64.95 /case (50 in case)