Tissue Balls & Paper Fans

Paper tissue balls and fans are bold party decorations that are deceptively simple. Lightweight and easy to set up, these d├ęcor items quickly add a pop of color and interest to any space. If you're struggling with a bare corner, bland walls, or an unadorned ceiling, these whimsical bulk party decorations will drastically transform your space.

A Rainbow of Decorative Tissue Fan Color Options

Our paper tissue balls and fans are available in a rainbow of colors to suit any party palette. We're even prepared to help you match those minor differences in hue. With both candy pink and classic pink, you don't have to worry about picking a color that's just a shade off of what you were going for.

Try true blue, classic red, and white for a patriotic party, or use the gentler pastel blue with colors like mimosa yellow and lime green for a fresh spring-inspired combination. Orange and black are your timeless colors for Halloween events, while white offers the perfect bridal touch for a wedding or shower.

Fluffy Tissue Balls & Fringe Garlands for Added Visual Appeal

Paper tissue balls or tissue fringe garlands are fluffy options that will add depth to your decorating. Paper fans have a certain frilly appeal with their ample texture. We have fans to suit any size party with both solid-colored 16-inch fans and trios that include one 16-inch polka dot fan and two 12-inch solid fans in the same shade.

Wholesale paper tissue balls and fans are an easy and affordable way to add bright decor to any event.

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Fluffy Tissue Balls - 16"

Code: FTB5234
$63.95 /case (36 in case)

Polka Dot Tissue Fans

Code: TFD1216
$21.95 /case (18 in case)

Tissue Fringe Garlands

Code: TFG854
$37.95 /case (12 in case)