Plastic Cutlery

Wholesale plastic cutlery is essential for short term event meals. When feeding a crowd, you don’t want to hassle with washable items. Fortunately, our disposable cutlery offers all the elegance of the real thing. Use our bulk plastic cutlery to outfit your dinner with everything you need.

Solid Color Plastic Forks, Knives & Spoons for Every Style

Our solid-colored plastic cutlery comes in a broad range of colors, so you can find products that will match your party theme perfectly. Our colors cover every point on the spectrum. We understand the crucial difference between white and ivory when you’re planning a wedding. Make sure your princess has just the shade she’s after on her birthday with options such as classic pink, candy pink, coral or magenta. Choose from over 28 colors to find the perfect one.

Bulk Plastic Cutlery with Authentic Appeal

Our plastic silverware looks just like the real thing for elegant events where colorful cutlery just won’t make the cut. We offer disposable metallic plastic silverware in two shades of silver as well as a distinctive rose gold. Perfect for a wedding reception, big anniversary bash, or upscale charity ball, this bulk disposable silverware offers a sophisticated look without the hassle and expense of hours of cleanup.

You can even buy your wholesale plastic silverware in rolled napkins. Many napkin designs are sealed with a decorative interlocking band for added appeal. If you’re handing out cutlery at a buffet line, try pre-wrapped plastic fork, knife and spoon packages.

No matter what you’re serving, we have disposable cutlery products to complete your table settings with ease.

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