Food & Cocktail Picks

Wholesale plastic food and cocktail picks are not only essential for guest use during special events, but they can also add a decorative element that ties your overall theme together. Our extensive offering of decorative food party picks come in a variety of classic and themed designs, making them ideal for any occasion.

Enhance Your Food & Beverage Presentations with Assorted Party Picks

With our large assortment of plastic picks, you can present sandwiches, appetizers, wraps, desserts, and other items in a more colorful manner. In addition, our bulk food picks enhance your presentation and make it easier for guests to enjoy bite-sized treats. Our selection includes colorful appetizer forks, swords, race flags, fish, flip-flops, American flags, flamingos, and holiday-themed shapes.

Create a Festive Drinks with Disposable Cocktail Picks

Whether you're planning a birthday party, anniversary celebration, bridal shower, wedding reception, game-day event, family barbecue, or holiday get-together, decorative food picks are a must for enhancing your party scheme and making it easier to present and serve various food or drink items.

For an intimate cocktail hour, backyard luau, or poolside party, our colorful paper drink umbrellas add a touch of class to every glass. When you opt for a bulk case containing multiple colors, you'll be helping your guests to easily identify their beverages based on their chosen parasol drink umbrella. This way, everyone can enjoy the event without having to worry about which cocktail belongs to each guest.

Our wholesale plastic and wooden food picks provide the perfect opportunity to personalize your party presentations. Be sure to stock up today!

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Wavy Plastic Cocktail Stirrers

$16.95 /case (144 in case)

Jewel Plastic Food Picks

$16.95 /case (96 in case)

Frill Wooden Picks - 2.5"

$18.95 /case (1200 in case)

Plastic Party Picks - Assorted

$33.95 /case (3600 in case)

Plastic Cocktail Forks - Assorted

$33.95 /case (360 in case)

Clear Plastic Cocktail Forks

$33.95 /case (360 in case)

Gold & Silver Stars Plastic Picks

$32.95 /case (2400 in case)

Plastic Sword Picks - Assorted

$12.95 /case (432 in case)

Drink Umbrellas - 4 Inch

$31.95 /case (288 in case)

Racing Flag Wooden Toothpicks

$16.95 /case (600 in case)

Race Flags Plastic Picks

$19.95 /case (144 in case)

American Flag Wooden Food Picks

$16.95 /case (600 in case)