Pleated Paper Baking Cups

Pleated paper baking cups are the classic go-to for beloved cupcakes and muffins, but they're also equally useful for serving up chocolates, mints, and candies. Deceptively simple yet incredibly versatile, pleated baking cups are a must-have for any catering company or food service business. You can stock up on affordable wholesale paper baking cups so you never run out of this essential.

The Perfect Size for Every Product

We carry classic pleated baking cups in a variety of sizes. Whether you're making mini-muffins with our 3-inch fluted paper baking cups or indulging in oversized treats with 6.5-inch baking cups, we have what you need. We know that even a difference as small as a 4.5-inch cup versus a 4.75-inch cup can make a difference in your professional products, so we have 10 sizes for a full range of options. We even offer fluted paper cake liners for larger products.

Creative Colors for a Special Touch

Simple white baking cups are an easy go-to, but we carry additional colors for special events, as well. Our pastel assortment is a popular pick for festive occasions such as birthday parties, bridal shower luncheons, and Easter. If you want wholesale baking cups that really stand out, go for the gold. Our gold and silver foil fluted baking cups offer an eye-catching shine that will make your treats the star of the dessert table.

Purchase bulk pleated baking cups in quantities of 1,000 to 20,000 depending on the product. Our low wholesale prices make it possible to stock up big on any budget.

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3 Inch White Fluted Paper Baking Cups

Code: FBC3047
$26.95 /case (2000-20000 in case)

3.25 Inch White Fluted Bake Cups - 10,000 Count

Code: BL138-3-14
$64.95 /case (10000 in case)

3.5 Inch White Fluted Bake Cups

$29.95 /case (2000-10000 in case)

4 Inch White Fluted Bake Cups

$64.95 /case (10000 in case)

4.5 Inch White Fluted Bake Cups

Code: BC1873
$64.95 /case (2000-10000 in case)

4.5" Pastel Paper Baking Cups

Code: BL200-4-12PSP
$54.95 /case (2000 in case)

White Fluted Paper Baking Cups - 4.75 Inch

Code: 610040
$74.95 /case (10000 in case)

5 Inch White Fluted Paper Baking Cups

Code: 610050
$72.95 /case (10000 in case)

5.5 Inch White Fluted Bake Cups

$117.95 /case (1500-10000 in case)

6 Inch White Fluted Bake Cups

Code: FBC6517
$23.95 /case (1000-10000 in case)

6.5 Inch White Fluted Baking Cups - 5,000 Count

Code: BL350-6-12
$101.95 /case (5000 in case)

Gold Foil Bake Cups - 2.5", 3", 4.5"

Code: FBC8754
$34.95 /case (1500-2000 in case)

White Fluted Round Cake Liners

Code: FCL2388
$106.95 /case (1000 in case)

Silver Foil Fluted Bake Cups

Code: SBC3214
$34.95 /case (1500-2000 in case)