Printed Paper Baking Cups & Loaf Pans

Paper bake cups are the perfect tool for packaging delicious homemade goodies for bulk sale, catering or promotional gifting. These wholesale baking cups are an affordable alternative to reusable pans, helping you streamline your baking efforts.

Seasonal Bake Cups Help You Package with Ease

Our wholesale printed paper bake cups serve as both baking pans and attractive packaging solutions. You can fill each cup with batter, dough, or other ingredients and bake at temperatures up to 400 degrees. There's no need to transfer your baked goods to printed cups later; these durable products work for bulk baking from start to finish. They're even freezer-friendly, allowing you to store what you don't need now and pull it out again later.

Dress Up Your Goodies with Themed Disposable Loaf Pans

We carry printed paper bake cups in a variety of decorative prints. You can cook up your coveted pumpkin spice products in our disposable autumn loaf pans, make a fantastic fruitcake with our Christmas-themed pans, or bake ghoulish cupcakes in spooky Halloween-themed bulk baking cups. Whether you're looking for the simple charm of a snowflake theme or a hearty harvest scene, we have a themed product that will suit your baking needs.

Choose from mini loaf, full-size loaf, and cupcake size baking cups for your special treats. Whether you're buying in bulk to gear up for a bake sale, creating something special for your catering company, or filling corporate thank-you baskets, our wholesale printed paper bake cups are just what you need.

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Autumn Disposable Mini Loaf Pans

Code: 610901
$58.95 /case (300 in case)

Autumn Disposable Loaf Pans

Code: 610903
$81.95 /case (300 in case)

Thanksgiving Harvest Baking Cups

Code: 611137
$64.95 /case (500 in case)

Christmas Tree Baking Cups

Code: 611133
$94.95 /case (300 in case)

Snowflakes Baking Cups

Code: 611134
$94.95 /case (300 in case)

Christmas Oranament Baking Cups

Code: 611138
$64.95 /case (500 in case)

Christmas Poinsettia Baking Cups

Code: 611139
$64.95 /case (500 in case)