Raffle Tickets on Rolls

Holding a raffle is a quick and effective way to raise money. You can increase your potential earnings at any school fair, church Brunch, or spaghetti dinner fundraiser by adding a raffle to the offerings. Raffle tickets are an essential accessory for flawless execution. We'll keep you organized at your big event with bulk raffle tickets to suit your activity.

Classic Admit One Ticket Rolls

Our simple admit one raffle ticket rolls are pre-printed with a number on each end of the ticket so you can easily select your raffle winner. Numbers are consecutive, so a glance at your remaining roll will let you know what's been handed out.

Each roll has 2,000 tickets, and these bulk raffle tickets come in packages of 8,000, with four rolls in different colors. You can distribute the blue, green, orange, and red tickets at different locations to track how many guests use each entrance or to keep raffles for different items organized.

Double Ticket Rolls for Improved Tracking

Double ticket rolls are a more advanced way to manage your raffles. With these wholesale raffle tickets, you have two matching tickets for each number. One ticket has space on the back for the recipient's name, address, and phone number. The other ticket is that person's receipt for the raffle. This allows you to collect information from winners who might leave the event early. With double ticket rolls, you can also collect contact information for all your attendees.

Bulk raffle tickets are the perfect tool for your fundraiser. These wholesale supplies are a smart, affordable pick.

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Admit One Raffle Ticket Rolls

Code: 132500
$16.95 /case (4 in case)

50/50 Ticket Rolls - 8,000 Count

Code: 132502
$33.95 /case (4 in case)

Double Ticket Rolls - Multicolored

Code: 132504
$133.95 /case (20 in case)