Recycled Paper Napkins

When you want to give your event an eco-friendly touch, recycled paper products are an easy place to start. Wholesale recycled paper napkins and guest towels are affordable options that will keep your occasion green without straining your budget.

Environmentally Friendly Paper Napkins Best Event Options

Our bulk recycled paper napkins are made from two-ply tissue, so they’re just as durable and effective as other products. The major difference is that these recycled paper products feature at least 65 percent post-consumer materials and 100 percent recycled tissue. These bulk napkins come in large-scale quantities so you can supply any event efficiently.

Decorative Recycled Napkin Choices for Special Occasions

Our line of recycled paper napkins and hand towels includes several styles, sizes, and designs to suit your needs. Standard white napkins offer a classic look with the elegant addition of coin edge tissue embossing. The recycled paper guest towels feature added durability with pebble tissue embossing. Kraft recycled napkins offer a more natural brown coloring that are always popular. Choose from beverage napkins, cocktail napkins, and dinner napkins.

For a more decorative look, consider the Nature’s Green design featuring leaves and branches. For the holidays, you can choose recycled napkins with a season’s greetings message and festive holly design or red striping. Stock up on dispenser napkins for your restaurant, or opt for elegant recycled Christmas dinner napkins. If you need disposable cutlery to accompany your paper products, consider a packaged set with rolled recycled napkins and compostable cutlery.

Wholesale recycled paper napkins will help you go a little greener at any event, from a charity dinner to your personal holiday party.

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White Recycled Cocktail Napkins

Code: 180205
$47.95 /case (1000 in case)

White Recycled Cocktail Napkins – 3,000 Ct

Code: 057300
$92.95 /case (3000 in case)

White Recycled Paper Dinner Napkins

Code: 084250
$69.95 /case (1000 in case)

White Recycled Dispenser Napkins

Code: 125300
$93.95 /case (4000 in case)

White Recycled Paper Guest Towels

Code: 856300
$172.95 /case (3000 in case)

Nature’s Green Recycled Beverage Napkins

Code: 057301
$43.95 /case (1000 in case)

Nature’s Green Recycled Paper Guest Towels

Code: 856301
$63.95 /case (1000 in case)

Rolled Recycled Napkins with Compostable Knife & Fork

Code: 119976
$72.95 /case (100 in case)

Compostable Cutlery Kit

Code: 760040
$104.95 /case (250 in case)

Kraft Natural Recycled Beverage Napkins – 1 Ply

Code: 126378
$22.95 /case (1000 in case)

Kraft Recycled Natural Beverage Napkins – 1,000 Ct

Code: 180200
$33.95 /case (1000 in case)

Kraft Recycled Natural Beverage Napkins

Code: 180230
$59.95 /case (3000 in case)

Kraft Recycled Natural Dinner Napkins

Code: 180430
$56.95 /case (1000 in case)

Kraft Recycled 1Ply Natural Dinner Napkins

Code: 126512
$41.95 /case (1000 in case)

Holiday Holly Large Dispenser Napkins – 6.5 x 4.5

Code: 830342
$84.95 /case (6000 in case)

Splendid Tree Recycled Beverage Napkins

Code: 831329
$34.95 /case (1500 in case)

Splendid Tree Recycled Dinner Napkins

Code: 831210
$53.95 /case (1000 in case)