Solid Colored Party Supplies

If you’re looking for a chic and simple way to accent your special event, solid colored party supplies are a no-fail pick. These disposable tableware collections are available in a range of colors. With 26 shades to choose from, you can match the colors of any sports team, school, wedding, or theme. You’ll find those slight variations in hue that can make or break your event’s appearance.

Solid Color Party Supplies in a Rainbow of Colors

There’s no need to settle for a color that’s “close enough” when you have both turquoise and Bermuda blue at your disposal. We understand how the distinction between emerald green and hunter green or coral and magenta can make all the difference in the way your event items coordinate. Best of all, our solid colored party supplies are just a click away. Our selection of party supplies in each hue includes everything you need to set a stellar table, from cups to disposable cutlery. Again, you’ll find an extensive range of options that includes the perfect fit for any place setting. You can choose between two-ply or three-ply napkins, plastic cutlery, paper or plastic plates, cups and tablecloths. You’ll even find table coverings in all our eye-catching colors. Round or rectangular shapes, we can cover most tables. You can add a little frill with a plastic table skirts or choose from a great selection of plastic table cover rolls if long banquet tables or bars need sprucing up.

Disposable Tableware in Vibrant Hues

Combine all your favorite colors in standout combinations that will create the perfect mood for any special event. Set the stage for a charming princess party with classic pink, lavender or mint. Throw an unforgettable Mardi Gras party with gold, emerald green, and purple. Host a patriotic party that screams pride with cobalt or navy blue, classic red, and white. Incorporate your guest of honor’s favorite colors for a birthday party or the school colors of your student’s alma mater for a graduation celebration. The options are endless, and our line of bulk party supplies includes it all. When you want to carefully coordinate your event down to the last detail, our solid colored party supplies are the place to start. We’ll make sure your event has the charm and excitement you’re after.

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