Thanksgiving Paper Placemats

Easily disposable Thanksgiving placemats are just what you need to simplify cleanup for your festive fall meals. We offer several gorgeous designs that can transform any space into a festive atmosphere worthy of a glorious holiday buffet.

Autumn Paper Placemats with Harvest Warmth

Our Thanksgiving theme paper placemats are available in several designs to suit your holiday style. If you prefer something traditional and timeless, use our fall bounty paper placemats featuring an overflowing cornucopia. Country evening paper placemats hark back to simpler times, evoking images of quaint family dinners from decades past. For something more elegant, try our autumn floral inspirations paper placemats with overflowing bouquets of sunset-hued blossoms.

Change Things Up with Fall Theme Multipack Placemats

We offer two multipacks in our collection of Thanksgiving placemats that include three designs in a single bulk package. Our autumn leaves multipack has a print with warm fall blossoms, one with pumpkins and acorns, and a third with a border of scarlet leaves. The fall seasons multipack has three images of stunning outdoor settings awash in the rich hues of the season. With a multipack case of 1,000 placemats, you can mix and match throughout your meal or choose one design for each of several events.

Make cleanup quick and easy when you’re stuffed with Thanksgiving goodies. These disposable bulk placemats are easy to slip onto the table before you eat and toss in the trash when you’re finished. Ideal for restaurants, residential facilities, or other big events, these placemats keep you covered.

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Happy Thanksgiving Paper Placemats & Napkins Combo

Code: 856766
$39.95 /case (250 in case)

Autumn Leaves Paper Placemat Multipacks

Code: 702081
$67.95 /case (1000 in case)

Fall Bounty Paper Placemats

Code: 311119
$54.95 /case (1,000 in case)

Fall Bounty Dinner Napkins

Code: 831215
$59.95 /case (1000 in case)

Fall Bounty Beverage Napkins

Code: 831339
$33.95 /case (1,000 in case)

Autumn Floral Inspirations Paper Placemats

Code: 311099
$66.95 /case (1000 in case)

Harvest Festival Paper Placemats

Code: 311100
$59.95 /case (500 in case)

Halloween Friends Paper Placemats

Code: 311091
$64.95 /case (1000 in case)

Country Evening Paper Placemats

Code: 311123
$47.95 /case (1000 in case)

Fall Seasons Paper Placemats – Multipack

Code: 702078
$54.95 /case (1000 in case)