The Cinderella Wedding & Reality

Most girls envision their perfect wedding beginning at the “ripe age” of 10—the wedding gown, the fairytale venue, the never-before-seen-color scheme, the bridesmaid dresses, the most exotic flowers, etc. In dreams, however, budgets and fairy godmothers do not coexist. Wedding season has been here for some months and more than a few Bridezilla’s have popped in for some delightful visits. In an effort to soothe their wrath, I have taken it upon myself to point out a few alternative options that might help her meet her fairy godmother halfway.

A lifelong friend of mine is getting ready to hop on the marriage bandwagon this summer and I’ve been watching her stress about all of the different wedding expenses. I used to think weddings were only extremely expensive if the bride wanted a rather extravagant wedding. Newsflash: a small wedding reception can tear a hole in your wallet just as well.

Decorations are the venue’s special-occasion-wardrobe and although table linens may sound like an insignificant detail, it turns out they can easily bite off a rather large chunk of the wedding budget. The average cost of renting table linens is approximately $180/dozen and that does not include table skirting and the various table sizes (if applicable).

Linen Like Tablecloths and Guest Hand Towels are a magical substitute for the real thing. Linen Like is a soft, dense paper material that looks and feels like real cloth. If you don’t believe me, sample swatches of the material are available upon request.

A case of 24 white banquet size tablecloths is available for anywhere between $73.95 and $88.95—that’s half the cost of renting real linens! If the wedding color scheme is a tad edgier, cases of 12 tablecloths are available in special prints and colors for $84.95, a price that still does not begin to compare to what party rental locations have to offer.

A wedding is one of the most important days of person’s life and it is completely understandable that one might want to splurge for this special day. Let’s be practical, though: debt is not the most appealing way to start a marriage. Bargain hunting can be time consuming, but in these trying times, it’s worth it.

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