Wastebasket Liners

Wastebasket liners are essential housekeeping accessories that are rarely seen but much appreciated. These white liners protect and keep clean the bottom of wastebaskets found anywhere from hotels to hospitals to your own home. With our bulk liners, you will always have the right supplies on hand.

Neat Paper Liners for Any Size Basket

Our wastebasket liners are available for 6-by-9-inch and 7-by-9.5-inch cans. Measure yours carefully to make sure that you have products on hand in the right size. With the proper fit, these liners will drop right into the bottom of the wastebasket. The neat oval shape fits perfectly in most of the standard wastebaskets used in offices, stores, and other commercial environments. Between these two sizes, we can help you maintain cleanliness no matter what trash can you rely on.

Enhance Hygiene with Smart Bulk Buys

Most people don't spend enough time gazing into wastebaskets to realize the need for these types of neat paper liners. However, regular trash can use creates a messy environment, even if you're primarily disposing of paper and other office supplies. A single tossed soda can quickly create a sticky mess that's hard to scrub away once dry.

Even plastic trash bags can't guarantee a leak-free environment. Paper liners sit in the bottom of the can to protect it from spills, stains, and other messes. You won't have to worry about chewing gum or other difficult-to-clean items with bulk liners on hand.

Our wholesale wastebasket liners are the perfect solution for a neat environment anywhere.

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Regal Paper Wastebasket Liners

Code: 327129
$43.95 /case (2000 in case)

White Paper Wastebasket Liners - 7" x 9.5"

Code: 327136
$39.95 /case (2000 in case)

White Paper Wastebasket Liners - 6" x 9"

Code: 327133
$34.95 /case (2000 in case)