9 Popular Wedding Traditions and Superstitions From Around the World

Popular Wedding Traditions

  Ever wondered where the tradition of tiered wedding cakes came from? Or why brides are carried over the threshold of their new homes? Well, wonder no more, because we here at My Paper Shop have put together an infographic explaining 9 of the most popular wedding traditions and superstitions from around the world! How many of your own wedding plans come from ancient superstitions or old traditions? Check out our infographic to find out!  

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8 Inspirations for a Gorgeous DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding Ideas

With the weather warming up and summer quickly approaching, we all know what season it is – wedding season! Weddings are a time for celebration, but there’s always one thing that gets in the way of perfect happiness while planning a blissful wedding – and that’s money. Thankfully, there are so many DIY ideas for practically every aspect of a wedding, that it’s easy to save money and get the wedding you want – not to mention the fact that you’ll be creating great memories...

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4 Over-the-Top Ideas for a Teen-Approved High School Graduation Party


We’ve all seen those huge Sweet 16 birthday parties on TV, along with other incredible coming of age celebrations enjoyed by various cultures and religions. Teens love to do it up big, show off for their friends, and have a great time. So when they reach another major milestone in their lives – high school graduation – it’s only natural that they’d want to make it into an event to remember. And what better way to do that than to put on the party of...

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8 Simple Crafts and Recipes To Bring Spring Indoors


Spring just cannot come fast enough! After months of freezing temperatures, hazardous roads, and layers upon layers of clothes, we are more than ready for sunshine and warmth! It’s time to watch the weather forecast eagerly for those warm temps, to scan the skies for sunshine, to peek in those flower beds for the first buds of springtime. It’s time to rush spring. If only we could make the season change a little faster, hurry the process so we can get all the enjoyment we...

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4 Ideas for the Perfect Mardi Gras Party

mardi gras

Let the good times roll! Mardi Gras is almost here, that day of wild partying that traditionally marked the last day of fun and festivities before the ascetic season of Lent began. Even if you can’t be in New Orleans for the big day, you can still get in on some of the action from home, by hosting the perfect Mardi Gras party! We’ve come up with a few different ideas that you can use to make sure your night of revelry is as fantastic...

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Ideas For Surviving Snowmageddon 2015 With Kids


Snow. It’s every kid’s favorite part of winter – especially when so much of it falls that schools declare a snow day! But things are a bit different when schools close…and then multiple states start declaring a state of emergency. Snowmageddon 2015 is here, and it’s not looking pretty. Kids may still be thrilled at the day off from school, but parents might be a bit less excited at the sudden prospect of keeping a house full of energetic kiddos cabin fever-free during an extreme...

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5 Winning Tips for a Fantastic Football Party

Football Party

If you’re a football fan or reside with one, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be hosting at least one football party this season. To ensure your next game day get together is a super success be sure to keep these five fantastic football tricks and tips in mind.

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Resolve to Party Smarter This New Year

new years

It’s almost time to break out the champagne glasses and the confetti – New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. With the celebration comes the time for making New Year’s resolutions. If you love entertaining, then this might just be the perfect time of year to set your game plan for parties to come.

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How To Throw a New Year’s Eve Bash on a Budget


Celebrating the New Year marks a time for reflection but also, a new beginning. With people everywhere thinking about the New Year’s resolution that they’ll set this January 1st, others are getting a head start on planning the perfect New Year’s bash. If you’re a party planner at heart, but just can’t afford to throw the types of parties you’d like to, don’t worry. Don’t let the cost of throwing a party stop you from having one at all! By adopting a few of the...

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