4 Over-the-Top Ideas for a Teen-Approved High School Graduation Party

We’ve all seen those huge Sweet 16 birthday parties on TV, along with other incredible coming of age celebrations enjoyed by various cultures and religions. Teens love to do it up big, show off for their friends, and have a great time. So when they reach another major milestone in their lives – high school graduation – it’s only natural that they’d want to make it into an event to remember. And what better way to do that than to put on the party of the century?

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The Napkin Infographic: Ideas Born on the Back of a Napkin

We’ve all heard the stories of brilliant ideas being hastily scribbled on the back of a napkin when inspiration struck, but no paper was readily available. Well, as a party supply company, we here at My Paper Shop have an especially close relationship with napkins, so we thought it’d be fun to learn more about all those great ideas born on the back of a napkin. Here’s an infographic we put together to show off the role the humble napkin has played in many surprising areas of our culture and history.

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How to Plan a Baby Shower in 8 Steps

Is anything more joyous than a baby shower? Welcoming a new little one into the world is so exciting, and there are never enough excuses for buying cute little baby socks and soft blankets. It’s gratifying and somewhat cathartic, too, for women to pass down the wisdom of experience that motherhood brings as they welcome another sister into the club. Baby showers are wonderful.

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The Ultimate Infographic to an Affordable Wedding

Wedding season is upon us! If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve probably already realized there are a lot of costs involved that you may have never thought of before. Here at My Paper Shop, we provide products to help our customers save money and throw a party on a budget. After all, your wedding day should be a day to remember for the fun and priceless memories, not for the stacks of bills you’re stuck paying off for years to come. That’s why we’ve created this infographic full of tips on how to plan an affordable wedding without sacrificing what’s important.

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8 Simple Crafts and Recipes To Bring Spring Indoors

Spring just cannot come fast enough! After months of freezing temperatures, hazardous roads, and layers upon layers of clothes, we are more than ready for sunshine and warmth! It’s time to watch the weather forecast eagerly for those warm temps, to scan the skies for sunshine, to peek in those flower beds for the first buds of springtime.

It’s time to rush spring.

If only we could make the season change a little faster, hurry the process so we can get all the enjoyment we can out of this miraculous time of year.

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Creative Kid-Friendly Crafts and Mouth-Watering Recipes To Celebrate National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month, and what better way to celebrate than to share the fun of crafting with your kids? Luckily, March is chock full of holidays that lend themselves to crafting! From Johnny Appleseed Day on March 11 to Girl Scout Day on March 12 – and of course, St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 – this is the perfect month to get out those supplies, set up a crafting table, and spend some serious quality time having creative fun with your little ones.

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Kiss Me, I’m Irish! St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Green beer, shamrock necklaces, and corned beef – it’s the time of year when everybody’s Irish!

Although it started out as a religious holiday in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is now observed more widely in America than even in Ireland, and has morphed into a day to celebrate all things Irish.

Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to gather your friends and family and host a party. But other than the green beer, what other elements make for a great St. Paddy’s Day party? Not to worry – we’ve got you covered with some fun ideas for parties that will bring out the Irish in anyone!

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