8 Simple Crafts and Recipes To Bring Spring Indoors

Spring just cannot come fast enough! After months of freezing temperatures, hazardous roads, and layers upon layers of clothes, we are more than ready for sunshine and warmth! It’s time to watch the weather forecast eagerly for those warm temps, to scan the skies for sunshine, to peek in those flower beds for the first buds of springtime.

It’s time to rush spring.

If only we could make the season change a little faster, hurry the process so we can get all the enjoyment we can out of this miraculous time of year.


Well, as it turns out, we can! With a little creativity, we can bring springtime right inside our homes. Here’s a list of eight ways we can start enjoying spring right now, no matter what the weather man says.

Decorate for Springtime

The fastest and easiest way to bring springtime to your home is decorating. With a few items you have around the house, you can help the season bloom right where you are.

  1. Front Door

Start off by switching out that winter door wreath for a simple spring decoration. Begin with a plain straw wreath and add a few simple silk or fresh flowers. A little goes a long way, and just a couple blooms will make a big statement.

While you’re there, change out that winter welcome mat for a lighter spring version. Sweep off the front walk and breathe in a breath of fresh air – it’s time to bring spring indoors!

  1. The Mantle

Clear off the fireplace mantle and get ready for a fresh, clean look. Choose a few meaningful objects, a family picture, and subdued decorations. Less is more. Keeping the color scheme neutral will both compliment your existing décor while lightening up your springtime look.


An easy spring decoration for your mantle is a paper nest. Shred white or pastel paper (even wrapping paper) and arrange into a nest shape. Place a simple plastic egg, bird ornament, or picture frame inside the nest for a stunning spring statement.

  1. Paper Decorations

Take advantage of a dismal day to create beautiful paper wreaths and spring paper chains to usher in the warm weather.


Cut out your favorite spring shapes – hearts, flowers, or birds – and glue them onto simple white string to garland your mantle, stair case, or ceiling.

You can print out or handwrite large letters on single sheets of paper to spell spring, bloom, or new life. Decorate with stickers and markers. Use safety pins to mount your declaration of spring and hang prominently.

  1. Flowers

Nothing says springtime like flowers! Pick up a fresh bouquet or small plant at the grocery store to bring the hope of the season indoors. Just one small vase of flowers or growing plant in each room of your home will make a big impact.

  1. Table Centerpieces

Don’t forget your table! Bring spring to the centerpiece with style. Choose simple votive candles inside lovely spring treat cups for a fresh look. Or you could place a small, simple wreath on top of a spring placemat in the table center. Keep the rest of your tableware simple and light to coordinate.


  1. Fresh Salads

Let your menu herald the new season, too! Indulge in fresh vegetables and crisp salads as much as possible. Lunch time is a great time for fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep greens and fruit in your refrigerator for grab-and-go meals that make you feel good.

  1. Pickle Yourself

A quick and easy side dish that is fresh and delicious is refrigerator pickles. In no time, you can have a tasty side that compliments sandwiches, grilled meats, and roasts. Many vegetables taste great pickled, but refrigerator cucumbers are the easiest.

2 whole cucumbers

1 large, sweet onion

½ cup white vinegar


Salt and pepper to taste

Peel and thinly slice the cucumbers. Thinly slice the onions and combine with cucumbers. Pour equal parts white vinegar and water over the vegetables. Salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate at least two hours. Serve with your favorite spring meals!

  1. Smoothies

For a refreshing change of pace, trade your third cup of coffee for a healthy fruit smoothie. Don’t despair that you don’t have all the ingredients for your favorite blender drink – use what you have in the refrigerator or freezer to make a tasty new treat!

Here is your simple formula:

Ice cubes

Dairy product optional – milk, yogurt, or ice cream

Fresh or frozen fruit – in any combination, but bananas work really well!

Optional protein product – protein powder, tahini, or peanut butter

Throw a handful of ice cubes into your blender. Pour in less than one cup of dairy product, if desired. Add fruit and blend. Add more dairy or water if consistency is too think. Finish with a small amount of protein, if desired. Serve immediately to a friend in the sunshine!


Spring comes faster with friends. Invite your loved ones to welcome the new season with you in any of these activities.


  1. Take a Picnic

If the weather cooperates, take a picnic lunch to your favorite park or nature trail. Pack some earth friendly compostable tableware to help the environment as well as your spirits.

If your springtime ambitions are running ahead of the temperatures, enjoy a picnic at home. Clear off a large space, spread your tablecloth on the floor, and enjoy your fresh spring decorations along with finger sandwiches. It will be a meal to remember!

  1. Fire up the Grill

No need to hold back when you’re grilling with friends. You provide the meat and the plates, and let your friends bring the side dishes and smiles. Before you know it, spring will be in the air.

No matter how long winter may seem, spring must be around the corner. With fresh decorations, tasty meals, and warm welcoming parties, you can help the season out. Then spring will truly be here.


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