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5 Reasons to Plan a Baseball Themed Baby Shower

  Remember when I shared my good friend’s Turtle themed baby shower a few weeks ago? Well, her mother-in-law was sweet enough to throw her a surprise Baseball themed baby shower this past weekend. I was able to make it just in time to snap a few shots of the table setup and decor.

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How To Host A Baby Gender Reveal Party

One of my best friends is pregnant with her first baby and I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s going to be such a great mommy! Of course, we immediately started brainstorming ideas for an adorable baby shower, but first she interjected and said she would love to throw a baby gender reveal party. This is definitely underway and will be happening very soon. How cute is it that she chose a Bumble Bee theme? She was inspired by a “What Will It Bee?” banner!...

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Not So Terrible Twos Don’t Last that Long

My mother, being the eternal caregiver that she is, volunteered to take in four of her friend’s children this week while her and her husband are on a trip. The three older ones visit pretty frequently since they’re pretty close friends of my sisters. This week, though, the baby stayed with us too! She’s two, yes I know, two! Emily’s the star of the household right now and I’m sure she’s enjoying every second of it. That child’s mischievous grin steals your heart in nanoseconds,...

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Cool Theme Ideas For Baby Showers

Are you looking for something different from the normal routine at a baby shower?  Why not try a few of these ideas out to shake things up.  These are also perfect for baby showers for moms that have other children or have had several showers already! Look no further for cool theme ideas for baby showers:

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