White Paper Placemats

Bulk White Paper Placemats for Everyday Use

Our premium or economical-grade paper placements fulfill a range of style needs. Plus, buying bulk white paper placemats makes it easier to serve a number of guests without overspending.

If you prefer to keep things simple, select our classic embossed placemats, which feature a basic surface embossing pattern suitable for any event. Similarly, our classic scalloped placemats are understated, but feature lovely, scalloped edges to add a decorative touch.

You can also opt for our fanciest selections, which include lace paper placemats. These delicate white lace designs look as though they've been hand-stitched, making them perfect for formal meal or bakery displays. Even though they're beautifully designed with intricate details, these placemats are economical and constructed from standard or medium weight paper. They're also made in the United States.

Wholesale Paper Placemats Provide Clean Dining Surfaces for Guests

Your guests deserve the best. Whether you own a restaurant or bakery, are planning a surprise anniversary dinner, or you're throwing a casual event, disposable placemats are a must for enjoying an easy cleanup and ensuring guests always have a clean place to dine.

Since white paper placemats suit any party's décor or color scheme, you can stock up on multiple cases so you always have what you need on hand.

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Homespun Paper Placemats - 8
Homespun Paper Placemats - 8" x 12"

Product Code: 310490

Price: $34.95

Case Quantity: 1000

Classic Embossed Paper Placemats - 10
Classic Embossed Paper Placemats - 10" x 14"

Product Code: 601SE1014

Price: $24.95

Case Quantity: 1000

White Lace Paper Placemats - 10
White Lace Paper Placemats - 10" x 14"

Product Code: 310711

Price: $66.95

Case Quantity: 1000

Anniversary White Paper Placemats - 10
Anniversary White Paper Placemats - 10" x 14"

Product Code: PM30659

Price: $33.95

Case Quantity: 1000

White Scalloped Paper Placemat - 9.625
White Scalloped Paper Placemat - 9.625" x 13.5"

Product Code: 310477

Price: $61.95

Case Quantity: 1000

Homespun White Paper Placemats - 9.75
Homespun White Paper Placemats - 9.75" x 13.5"

Product Code: 310468

Price: $38.95

Case Quantity: 1000

White Dubonnet Paper Placemats - 9.75
White Dubonnet Paper Placemats - 9.75" x 13.5"

Product Code: 310469

Price: $34.95

Case Quantity: 1000

Knurl Paper Placemats - 9.75
Knurl Paper Placemats - 9.75" X 13.75"

Product Code: PM32052

Price: $24.95

Case Quantity: 1000

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